Thursday, October 2, 2008

Au Contraire Ms. Hebert!

Here's Chantal Hebert's headline:

Opposition offers little on economy

I'm not sure what debate Ms. Hebert was watching. Stephane Dion clearly laid out a plan. He spoke of income tax and corporate tax deductions. He told Canadians all about the importance of a "shift". He told Canadians that Harper was the problem -with his George Bush approach to economics. More importantly, he let Candadians know that he doesn't trust the Conservative numbers and plans to consult all the economic experts in the country within 30 days of his election, so that Canada can be proactive about the real world economic outlook instead of Harper's Bush echo of "the fundamentals of our economy are strong".

The fundamentals of our economy are NOT STRONG Ms. Hebert. Dion offered lots on the economy last night. Somehow that was lost on you...then again, you're much more fluent in French than I, so maybe it was lost on me.

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