Thursday, September 11, 2008

Turns Out Conservatives are Running Dirtiest Campaign

Although there isn't a video clip to be found, last night Terry Milewski debunked the story of Dion's Liberals running the most pollution filled campaign amongst the big three parties.

Milewski, the responsible reporter he is, went on to explain that, in fact, the Liberals are running the greenest campaign. Even Greener than Jack Layton. It appears the Liberals have done the research and purchased the best set of carbon offsets available through CARBONZERO.

Layon's NDP's were God awful to start the campaign. But not nearly as bad as the Conservative Party, who have chosen not to by a single carbon offset, because "they are running a traditional campaign." (More proof they are truly the Party of Climate Change Denial)

The quantity generated in the first two days of the 2008 campaign (Sept. 7 and 8) is:

Liberal Party Leader Stephane Dion - 0.25 tonnes
Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper - 64.4 tonnes
NDP Leader Jack Layton - 54.1 tonnes

And Some people just can't stand the fact that the Liberals talk the talk and walk the walk. Next thing you know the CON bloggers will be telling us the Conservative Party couldn't afford the carbon offsets. LMAO.

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