Friday, September 26, 2008

The Not-So-Christian Conservative Lies to his Flock Again

Andrew Prescott over at Christian Conservative has once again called to question my integrity. It's not the first time. I suspect it won't be the last.

First, there's the title of his blogpost: "Liberal blogger attacks Valeriote for his faith" Well that's a lie. In fact, it is Mr. Christian Conservative that chose to bring up Mr. Valeriote's name. Here's my post. Anyone see Frank's name in there? Anyone? Bueller?

Then the not-so-Christian states:

You see, Liberal blogger James Curran followed the exact "Fear & Smear" gameplan I expected the Liberals to follow, and launched an attack on evangelical Christians on his blog today, in a misguided attempt to smear Prime Minister Harper.

Launched an attack? Really? I simply reposted an article from the Vancouver Sun. So who is really not being honest with people here? I would think my Evangelical friend doth stretch the truth a wee bit much.

Then the less-than-Christian-like blogger goes on to ask the question:

So now... is a somewhat prominent Liberal blogger suggesting that Evangelicals are not fit for public office in this land?

I don't recall stating anything of that nature in my blog.

For the record, here's Frank Valeriote's answer on abortion:

While Frank states it is not a part of his faith, he goes on to state he supports a woman's right to choose. So no Andrew, Frank will not be injecting his religion into his politics as you claim I suggested. You sir, are deceiving your readers and are, quite frankly, lying. Not very Christian of you.

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