Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Nanos is Out...Liberals back in Striking Distance

Update: Apparently Jack is gonna release his plan in writing. Creative financing 101.

....and Jack? Well, Jack is Jack. Let him continue his fantasy about being Prime Minister...he's only scaring people.

Here's the numbers.

Notice the Liberals - although CTV will never report it - have taken the lead once again in Ontario? Notice the NDP has dropped to 10 points in Quebec where they keep telling people they could win 10 seats? And, the Libs are in a virtual tie in Quebec with the fleeting Hapercrites? Notice how Stephane Dion has passed Jack Layton on the leadership index?

The NDP are perfectly poised to win what they already have...fourth place in the House of Commons. Perhaps some news outlets might try reporting the the real truth for a change. Then again, that would involve actual work and research. Not quite as easy as just piling on a PhD such as Stephane Dion and treating him like a moron - as they have been (read:CTV) - because they don't like the way he pronounces words in English.

There's only one true Canadian hero in this election running to be Prime Minister of Canada. That hero is Stephane Dion. A man of courage. A man of conviction. A man with a vision of hope for Canada's future! And, to date, the only man willing to put his plan on paper.

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burlivespipe said...

So true. Harper's jabs at culture/artists, minors, and the so-predictable wank at anyone who disagrees with him is shining through the double-knit dross. Maybe some of his flip-flops and downright lies are surfacing in people's minds, but i'd like to see him face half the scrutiny that Dion has, and no doubt with half the courage. Can we get a restaging of puffy-eyed, holding back the tears Harper when Maxime disappointed him?
Dion, meanwhile, is growing into the task at hand. He looks more comfortable and energetic without the tight scripting... He needs to continue shining the light on the team's platform, while hitting hard at Harper. The votes will come.