Monday, September 22, 2008

My Prediction for the Liberal Platform?

Where's the $70 Billion in infrastructure? It's only $15.1 billion in your platform. What's Revenue Neutral? I don't get it. I give up. That'll be the reaction I think they'll get.

Hopefully Stephane can explain it better than the other folks on the phone did today. Hopefully...because there is truly somethiing for everyone in this platform. Truly something for a Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada.

Keep in mind...I know nothing.

Update: I'm thinking Stephane pulled that press conference off very well. Direct and to the point. Answered questions frankly and aggressively. Let's see what "the pros" have to say now.


jenn said...

There is no explaining. This plan makes no sense. You mention the revenue neutrality, then there is the continuation of the massive corporate tax cuts and now re-instituting the income trust tax cuts even though it is a faulty financial instrument that will drain government coffers. So major hits to government revenue.

Then they promise a fair amount of spending (lots and lots) but when we get the document it is far less than promised.

This leader is a mess and this platform makes no sense.

James Curran said...

I see you've already got the Conservative talking points Jenn.

I'll tell you this much. Jim Falherty will not win his riding.

Lore_Weaver said...

"I'll tell you this much. Jim Falherty will not win his riding."

Friendly wager? $10?

Christian Conservative said...

"...because there is truly somethiing for everyone in this platform"

Is that sort of like "a chicken in every pot"? ;-)

James Curran said...

Throw in a pint and you're on.

James Curran said...

Conservatives should not be talking about chickens when they are stiffling their candidates from debates.

jenn said...

actually James - not con talking points just my very own thoughts.

I am interested in the New Democrat platform release. From what I have heard Jack is making the most sense. He has focused on bread and butter issues, the spending announced thus far has been reasonable particularly given that the NDP have no plans to continue the $50 Billion corporate tax give away. I will bet you that pundits give more props to the NDP platform than they do to the Liberal one. $10, beer and a pizza.

James Curran said...

Beer? Pizza?I'm in!what's your gauge and criteria as to who wins?

jenn said...

Well James - I will have to think how we would determine the winner. The MSM isn't exactly fair to the NDP usually. I'll get back to you.

Can I assume the call you allude to in your post is the one that is up on mp3 on janke's site:

I notice that child care and kelowna and the 'sure you can call it a national' affordable housing initiative are once again disposable...

I do feel a little badly that your party is in such disarray that someone would leak the mp3 to janke.