Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'd Like to Welcome all the NDP Supporters to the Liberal Party of Canada

...and thank Stephen Harper for letting me in on that.

So, Welcome.


jenn said...

If you guys are really committed to getting rid of Harper why aren't you and May telling BC folk to vote NDP? In BC the Libs are in fourth place and have no chance to beat a Tory. Strangely, Dion is giving the opposite message in BC. Strategic Voting is simply an attempt to scare voters away from the real alternative to harper.

You yourself forecast that the Liberals would be screwed for their constant abstentions and you were right. I am sorry that your party didn't live up to your ideals but in this election you have the choice to be true to your ideals.

I won't ask you to support the NDP in general but if you really believe that strategic voting is necessary than I expect you to be honest and actually look at the numbers and make it clear that in ridings where it is REALLY NDP against Conservative that Liberals should vote NDP.

James Curran said...

Give your head a shake. When is Jack gonna start being honest with Canadians? Where's his COSTED platform? Where's his Cap and Trade environmental platform that will cost Canadians double what Stephane is proposing? You wanna stop Harper? Really Jenn? Then vote for the only party that is going to be within striking distance to form government. That's the Liberal Party of Canada, and its Leader Stephane Dion.