Monday, September 22, 2008

Harper to Name Youth Convicted of Serious Crimes

I kid you not. He just announced it.


The Grumpy Voter said...

I suspect most Canadians will have no problem with this.

Babylonian777 said...

This won't win seats on masse in the GTA, but this will definatly increase conservative votes. It should be interesting to watch how the area of Jane and Finch will take this news in. This will probably be a clincher for that area, and some 905's.

"I kid you not. He just announced it. "

Mr. Curran, are you against this? would that make you fall in the 6% of Canadians who don't want these youth to be name according to a CTV poll?

James Curran said...

Hey. I lived at Jane in Finch. Not sure what your implying there.

I'm of the opinion that a childs sibblings shouldn't be tortured because of the bad apple's mistake. And they would be tortured!

Babylonian777 said...

I am not implying anything with the reference to Jane and Finch, our church is there, and many of my ethnic community lives there. All I was inplying is that this might be a grand slam in the area as far as policies go.

"I'm of the opinion that a childs sibblings shouldn't be tortured because of the bad apple's mistake. And they would be tortured!"

Using that logic, why stop at young offenders? Why name any criminals to begin with? Why name any dangeous individual for fear of backlash to those close to him or her. If children are being "tortured" (and I don't mean "hey, look at soo and so, his brother raped xyz" and the kid overhears the conversations and his feelings are hurt............we have a place for garbage emotional afflictions, its called the HRC.)

If siblings or relatives are in fact being tortured, that is a failure of our legal and policing policies, and they need to be corrected.

James Curran said...

As is usually the case from a Conservative viewpoint, crime is not the issue, poverty and social justice is. And in Jane and Finch we need to address the causes of crime to stop crime itself, not worry about posting names of criminals!

Babylonian777 said...

What are the causes of crime in Jane and Finch..........please don't be politically correct though, if thats possible.

Acid Reflux ( said...

This is absolutely meaningless. They think they can shame people from firing a gun and killing someone. If the fact they are committing murder isn't enough for them to stop, the parading their identity around isn't going to matter one bit.

This is a conservative version of "feel good, but meaningless" legislation.

James Curran said...

Poor living conditions, poverty, lack of opportunity....must I go on? And you think naming underage murderers and rapists will end crime? Social justice will my friend. Something Steve Harpercrite knows nothing about.

Oldschool said...

Its about time . . . sure be nice to know if the little dirtbag living down the street has been convicted of a serious crime, sometimes several times.
This won't play well in TO and VAN . . . but in the real world (the rest of Canada) its long overdue.
It enables us law-abiding citizens to protect our families from these clownd.
Liberalism is a mental disorder!!!\

Once Just said...

Because a community will feel much safer knowing the name of a 12 year old that it has failed?

I'm not too sure I understand his reasoning....leave 1 in 8 Canadian kids in poverty, and then make a mockery of them when they fail to succeed.

some would suggest that it takes a village to raise a child. Mr Harper only wants the village involved when it's time discipline and belittle a child.

James Curran said...

Go back to your all white gun club Oldschool.