Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harper Says Conservatives Offer Sound Fiscal Management

Well then. That settles that. Obviously all these national headlines must be wrong.

Federal government runs $517M deficit in April, May

Auto trade deficit with U.S. doubles

Advisers Warned of Market Decline

Canadian Dollar Slips On Sof Commodities

Credit crisis pushing up vacancy rates

Plant Closure Costs Welland 800 jobs

GM to close plant

Nortel cuts outlook, plans asset sales

Oil Sands Economics Under Pressure

TSX drops almost 500 points, as commodity prices slump

Hosed at the pumps

Canada's travel deficit expected to widen

What country is Stephen Harper living in? Sound fiscal management my butt!

1 comment:

RuralSandi said...

Let's see now - I believe the last time Conservatives balanced a budget was in 1912 or was it 1920?