Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Conservatives Falling Apart at the Seams

Reminds me of the end days of the Mulroney government when you couldn't keep track of the cabinet resignations from day-to-day.

Here we have two top-notch cabinet ministers resigning and resigned to the fact that enough is enough. Boy the cupboard is bare in that Conservative foreign affairs portfolio, isn't it.

If Harper were to get re-elected, who is the next lucky Foreign Affairs Minister? Christian Paradis? Jason Kenney? Deepak Obhrai? Pierre Poilievre? Oh boy.

Emerson, ever the wiser, clearly sees the writing on the wall. He's an intuitive guy. Bye David. Thanks for that Softwood Lumber deal. Happy retirement to ya.


Anonymous said...

So 2 guys saying they won't run for re-election somehow means the whole parties coming apart to you? Wow, you're brilliant.

If this ass clown Dion gets elected, it will be embarassing for this country as the guy cannot even speak proper english. Dis and Dat.

I think the Liberals still owe us some money for all those scandals do they not?

wilson said...

Aren't there 14 Senate seats to fill?
Couldn't Senator Emerson sit in cabinet?

penlan said...

It's telling that 2 long long term MP's are leaving the Cons. Emerson was the most qualified of any Cabinet Minister in the Con govt. Although I am totally in disagreement with his floor crossing. It took an ex-Lib, after all, to give some substance to Cabinet.

Whether it's a sinking ship or not remains to be seen but I certainly hope the ship is listing in that direction.

Anyway good riddance to both.

James Curran said...

Let me get this straight. Somehow someone's English skills precludes them from being a brilliant politician or statesman? Interesting given the fact that a guy from Quebec named Jean was probably our best PM yet.

Also interesting is that 44 percent of our population is now ne immigrants that speak broken English as well. I guess that makes them less smart than you Design....even if a whole host of them are PhDs and the like.

As for the Liberals owing you a dime? Let's get this straight. A bunch of ad guys and one Chuck Guite screwed the system. Most are in jail. No Liberal has or will be convicted in the adscam.

So, yes, you win assinine comment of the day.

James Curran said...

Yes Wilson, there are vacant Senate seats, but two things come to mind. 1. Emerson has had enough. Period. He'll go back to making millions in private life and be happy with that. 2. If Harper did appoint him to the Senate, it would fit his M O of every other election promise he broke by appointing senators, and I for one would crush him on this blog for yet another lie.

James Curran said...

Penlan, the rats always jump a sinking ship first. Emerson earned that monicker when he crossed the floor.

RuralSandi said...

Hey there, bigot - Dion's dis and dat has improved a lot.

For a party that's stuck in a limited number of one line sound bites, you sure are judgmental.

penlan said...


I forgot that "rats" leave a sinking ship...lol...& yes, I agree that Emerson was a rat of the highest order. Don't know if Hearn's a rat but most of the Cons could be considered that - especially the King Rat.

And dig,

You show the true nature of the Cons in your remark on accents: Rascist!
Keep at it so we can all see you for what you are. You are a plague on this country.