Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Conservative Television Network

(Read as CTV). You know, for some time now, bloggers have been hinting that Mike Duffy, Bob Fife and crew are over the top in their Conservative bias. But yesterday's Duffy Live show took the cake. Duffy asked Stephane Dion if it was true he didn't eat meat. Is that what Canadians were looking for Duff? Really? That super duper kind of info that changes their minds during elections.

Seriously, here is the clip.

Then, on a day for analysis of the Liberal platform, who does good old Duff have appear on the show? Michael Percy to analyze the cost of the platform and Sanjeev Anand to analyze the Tories' tough on Crime announcement.

With all due respect though Duff, are these the only two "experts" in Canada you could find? Both from the University of Alberta, a bastion of Conservative think tanks. Percy went out of his way to talk about the tar sands and how well Alberta and Saskatchewan are doing.

Then Duff brings up Darryl Plecas on his 8:00 show. You might remember Plecas, he was appointed by the Conservatives to the board of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

Two interesting excerpts:

But Plecas, who generally supports tougher sentences, said he's doubtful.

Last October, for instance, the government named B.C. criminologist Darryl Plecas of the University College of the Fraser Valley to the board of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. While Plecas has no obvious Tory ties, he is an outspoken advocate of tougher jail sentences - an approach warmly received in Conservative circles.

Is this responsible journalism? Me thinks CTV has gone too far in their attempt to skew the issues.


Prairie Kid said...

James. CTV is a private company and can report anything it wants and how it wants. We can agree to disagree if they report fairly or not. However, my money and your money go to prop up the CBC and they are so blatantly anti-Conservative and anti-U.S. it's hard to get balanced reporting from them. The Toronto Star is a Liberal paper and I have nothing against them for slanting their editorials.

The majority of media in the past have been pro Liberal during elections. Media like the G & M, CTV, etc.

Please don't tell me you're peed off because you're used to these outlets worshipping at the Liberal shrine and they seem to be backing away this election.

James Curran said...

I'm pissed off because they are deliberately calling witnesses to construe the truth. Get a grip kid.

CBC's hiring of Harris Decima (whose numbers are nowhere near anyone else's) hasn't exactly been Liberal friendly. And, the Star, in particular Hebert, has been against Dion since his leadership victory. I'm not sure what you've been reading and watching.

knb said...

The problem is that CTV present themselves as mainstream, middle of the road and that's BS.

They have the right to present whatever they want, but they should at least have the courage to tell us who they are.

As an aside, Lloyd Robertson and Fife had a cosy little chat last night.

Fife twisted what McCallum said re' phasing in programs more slowly should the economy turn down, which resulted in Roberston saying "Which would imply that they could break their promises with impunity".

I'm sick to death of this.

This morning on Canada AM, they had someone from the Canadian Taxpayer's Fed. to be their objective critic of the GS.

As I said when CTV has the courage to make an editorial claim publicly, then by all means, they can say whatever they like.

RuralSandi said...

Are people aware that taxpayers DO fund the so-called private media?

We do. Just ask Andrew Coyne.

RuralSandi said...

Oh, by the way, the Canadian Taxpayer Federation is Conservative - Jason Kenney was head of it at one time.

So, really, all they worry about is tax and nothing else.

Saskboy said...

The CTF are just media whores who bat for one political team at nearly any cost. It's a disgrace that the media lets them have a microphone on the 6:00 news any time they issue a press release.

Canada AM makes me ill, I can't watch it.