Monday, September 15, 2008

Conservative Senator McCoy Tells us the Truth About Carbon Tax

Thank you Senator McCoy. It's about time Canadians hear and see the truth about carbon taxes and the economy.

Stephen Harper is not a leader. My favourite line from her blog:

Canadians deserve better information from a man who wants to be Prime Minister. As I said in my Op-Ed in July, climate change is too important to play politics. Even the OECD (Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation) is of the same view. For sure Canadians should not be encouraged to believe gloomy claims. Canadians need a leader, not someone who is willing to mislead for the sake of power.

Please feel free to skip over to thhe good Senator's blog and have a good read. She's the Real McCoy.


The Rat said...

"I view my role as a Senator as providing informed, considered and independent perspective on current issues. I will speak from an Albertan perspective, and also as an independent progressive conservative Senator – which further frees me to do this job. I am not subject to party discipline or approved policy directions, which creates a wonderful opportunity."

Umm, "Conservative"? Aren't you missing a word there? "Progressive", maybe? So she's Joe Clark in a skirt. People will take her about as seriously as they take Joe Who. Good catch though, I'm sure the 95 IQ urban doob-heads that the Liberal party appeals to will be totally impressed by your sleuthing.

Ti-Guy said...

Typical hateful attack from ConBot "The Rat."

No arguments at all.

James Curran said...

Um "Progressive".

As in the Walkerton boys: Baird, Clement and Flaherty.

Oh, and MacKay.

Frankly Canadian said...

I hope this makes some of the so called news reals of our Canadian media.