Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What did he Just Say?

Mr. Pinocchio, err, um Harper, said what?

the prime minister seemed to make a deliberate attempt to soften the Conservative image, noting his party appointed the first female cabinet member and first aboriginal senator, along with electing the first MPs from a long list of ethnic groups.


"As a government, we inherited a country divided - east versus west, French versus English, aboriginal versus non-aboriginal . . . newcomers versus native born," he said. "That's what you get from decades of divide-and-conquer politics."

Oh yes Mr. PM. Yes. Your party is the poster party for minorities and their rights. Remember this? And this? How 'bout this?

Oh boy.


Paul said...

Harper's statements are laughable. "His" party??? His party can hardly be linked to the Conservatives of yore. His party is the Reform/Alliance ilk - and their record on inclusiveness was disgraceful. Does he really think we'll forget where his politics come from?

"Zoe" said...

Please note that the CPC was NOT the first to appoint the first female cabinet minister:

Taken from: http://canadaonline.about.com/od/womeningovernment/a/firstswomengov.htm

First Canadian Woman Federal Cabinet Minister - 1957
As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in the Diefenbaker government, Ellen Fairclough was responsible for introducing measures which went a long way towards the elimination of racial discrimination in Canadian immigration policy.