Monday, August 18, 2008

Jack Layton Promises Unicorns

Seriously.I read it here.


Stephen said...

Quite a reliable source of analysis you have there.

When Layton talks about the NDP's plan for transit, he's not talking myths and legends. He's got a record of NDP accomplishment on just this sort of issue at the federal level.

Remember the first version of the 2005 Liberal budget? The version with the multi-billion dollar corporate tax giveaway that pleased Stephen Harper so much he praised that budget as a Conservative budget built on Conservative principles?

Well, Jack Layton and the NDP ended up re-writing that budget, getting rid of its centrepiece corporate tax cut, and devoting those billions of dollars instead to the priorities of Canadians, including the environment.

That's no myth, that's reality.

If you're still looking for mythical creatures, though, I'd suggest searching the compendium under the heading 'Liberal Opposition MPs': legend has it they exist, but they're sighted so rarely during confidence votes that many people are beginning to wonder if they really exist.

dickburns75 said...

LOL... right on the money Stephen!