Monday, August 25, 2008

The Barack/Barry Citizenship Fiasco

If you were The Fighting Dems, how would you counteract this ridiculous (or not) assertion by Mr. Berg that your POTUS nominee is less American than the average John Q. Public.

The brainless trust here at TWDIKG came up with one counter attack that might prove interesting (were it not so hypothetical and baseless). We might write something like:

Is McCain the Modern Manchurian Candidate???

The Republican obsession with putting Obama under the proverbial microscope, has distracted the American media and the public from picking up on a more important possible story revolving around the Republican candidate's imprisonment at the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War.

Was McCain brainwashed while he was a POW and was he sent back to the U.S. as a psychological Trojan Horse, ready to be manipulated by his masters in Communist China?**

Numerous signs indicate that he might have been subjected to the kind of brainwashing or programming that was dramatized in the Frank Sinatra classic The Manchurian Candidate and the recent remake with Denzel Washington.

McCain has a history of erratic behaviour, which has been apologized for by his handlers under the now well-worn description of him as a "maverick". McCain's maverick behaviour is more possibly a result of his inner conflict caused by deep psychological programming that he may have been subjected to during his stay in Vietnam. The inner conflict causes him to fight against his own party and at times puts him at odds with his compatriots.

McCain's infamous temper and his notorious reputation for offensive language and verbal abuse are also possible signs of the induced psychological stress that he could have been subjected to during any induction and indoctrination process that could have happened during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.

In addition to the above, American voters also ought to be concerned with McCain's history of legislation and voting in line with such commonist sympathizers as John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Ted Kennedy and Joe Lieberman.

The least the American public and media should do to assuage these concerns is call on John McCain to open his military medical records, including his psychological records to show that he is not the modern Manchurian candidate.

Given George Bush's alleged self-attempts at chemically induced brainwashing and the resulting problems Americans have experienced over the past seven and a half years, citizens ought to be confident that their leadership candidates are mentally, psychologically and intellectually fit to assume the highest offices in the land.

**It should go without saying that we fully disapprove of all of the Viet's tactics and torturous strategies leveled against Mr. McCain and other brave men and women that serve abroad in the name of freedom and democracy, and denounce fully the usage of such vile tactics.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if tables were turned the McCain camp might go out of their way to denounce such tactics at every campaign stop

; ).