Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Conservatives Entitled to Their Entitlements

So the PMO is set to appoint another lobbyist into their midst. This time Kory Teneycke. Red Canuck had some insight into Kory as far back as November of last year.

Some would argue that Mr. Teneycke's past employer may be extremely guilty of, say, third party advertising. That is, a group that advertises to the benefit of a political entity. Say, oh, I don't know, the Conservative Party of Canada. Some would say there is nothing wrong with using the Prime Minister in third party ads.

Whatever one says, I seem to remember that the Conservatives were getting rid of "PATRONAGE":

For those Canadians seeking accountability the question is clear: which party can deliver the change of government that’s needed to ensure political accountability in Ottawa? We need a change of government to replace old style politics with a new vision. We need to replace a culture of entitlement and corruption with a culture of accountability.
We need to replace benefits for a privileged few with government for all. Everyday Canadians – the hardworking people who pay their taxes and play by the rules – want and deserve a new government that will put the people’s interest ahead of self-interest.
-Conservative Platform 2006

Under the Liberals, lobbying government – often by friends and associates of Paul Martin and other Liberal ministers – has become a multi-million dollar industry. Senior Liberals move freely back and forth between elected and non-elected government posts and the world of lobbying.
-Conservative Platform 2006

But they're right about one thing - their lobbyist aren't the same as Paul Martin's lobbyists. They are a totally new group of lobbyists/non-lobbyists.


RuralSandi said...

Typical - do as I say, don't do as I do.

What hypocrites.

Red Canuck said...

Teneycke is just another hack in a government already flush with hacks. At this point I hardly expect anything more from the PMO.

p.s. thanks for the link!