Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In and Out ... Repeat if Necessary

Kind of like the instructions on your shampoo bottle. Boy those Conservatives are gonna look real bad assaulting Elections Canada.


Lizt. said...

When Harper first said he would sue Elections Canada, he had hoped for an election, and would get a majority . He then wouild fix the rules of Elections Canada, so that all the cheating they did, would now be okay.

Walks With Coffee said...

Brinkmanship is all Mr. Harper really knows about when dealing with opposition. But if you are willing to apply strategic patience, you can call him on any number of serious issues and win.



RuralSandi said...

It's more like in-and-out-and sideways.......

Northern PoV said...

Funny, if they'd played it safe ... ie quietly pay back the $$, say ooopps etc - this would all be yesterdays' news and they would have gotten away with stealing an election (with a big boost by the Mounties ironically).
Well they did get away with it ... but it is now haunting them and they just keep making the story bigger.
Hubris in motion!

Walks With Coffee said...

"Hubris in motion!"

Sort of.

The CPoC keeps two (2) official sets of books. There are the sets of books at the constituency level and then the set at the federal level. A fuzzy booking situation if ever there was one.

Then they attempt to money launder (the hubris in this scandal) using really poor bookkeeping. They cannot keep track of what is being said and done where because of the double book keeping prevents them from making up a consistent story - hence 67 candidates and 17 sitting MPs would illegitimately contested seats in parliament.

Yes, if they had of said opps, then the fraud would not have become public... but then there was me saying to EC and the RCMP, go look at the advertising spending and the double entries... so a criminal investigation was likely regardless of how the CPoC responded. They did after all, slosh money around to evade detection of overspending.

Potentially, the CPoC government could be the first government to have sitting MPs de-certified by Elections Canada... or at least a number of them in custody and unable to vote in Parliament.
They fuzzy book keeping and an apparent deliverate attempt to manipulate numbers was a problem just waiting to bite... and it is biting big time.


James Curran said...

That Coffee sure is crisp.