Friday, July 25, 2008

Harper Hits Snag... Dion a Winner!

Burried in the Toronto Sun today is this article by Michael Den Tandt. Poor Stevie. All out of plans.


Blogging Horse said...

Yup, by abstaining or voting with him, Dion has let Harper get his way on Afghanistan, the environment, $50.5 billion in corporate tax cuts, gutting Ottawa's fiscal capacity, politicizing immigration, oversee the hollowing out of manufacturing jobs, walk away from Kyoto, erase with the Employment Insurance surplus, and continue to ignore a teenager rotting in Gitmo.

Harper has done more than he ever thought possible. It's at the point now where he wants for nothing except the time Dion continues to give him.

A brilliant tactician that Dion.

James Curran said...

Give up Donkey. Don't be an ass.