Monday, June 23, 2008

We're Sorry About That Residential School Thing...

...Now show us some value for our money.

In case anyone was wondering how that pipsqueak Pierre Poilievre had the audacity to go on a radio talkshow and suggest Canadians weren't getting good value for their money when it came to Indian Affairs...Turns out it's the position of his party.

That would explain everything. No need for Pierre to apologize. He only stated his party's opinion.


northwestern_lad said...
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JimBobby said...

Whooee! Strahl identifies areas where oversight and audits are called for: "misappropriation, lax reporting and — in rare cases — fraud."

The$6 billion figure cited in the article is different from the $10 billion cited by Poilievre. Which is correct? There's a $4 billion difference.

When Poilievre came out with his ill-advised comment, some well-informed people said that of the $10 billion he spoke of, only $4 billion actually reached the First Nations. The rest, it was stated, is gobbled up in the INAC bureaucracy.

If this is true and more than half of the money never leaves Ottawa, why isn't Strahl including a wasteful and bloated federal bureaucracy in the areas worthy of audits?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Cons should respond properly to the residential schools thing by sending the RCMP into Caledonia or start a so-called crackdown on illegal smuggling of cigarettes in the Indian reserves.

Just what Harper needs to get further attraction vis a vis the Green Shift. Another Oka and Ipperwash.

gingercat said...

Surprise.Surprise. Cons going after the First Nations. Heartfelt apology my ass.