Monday, June 9, 2008


These are the Liberal MPs that stood up for your families.

Stephane Dion
Karen Redman
Maurizio Bevilacqua
Joe Volpe
Albina Guarnieri
Maria Minna
Ruby Dhalla
Navdeep Bains
Jim Karygiannis
Derek Lee
Raymonde Falco
Mauril Belanger
Gurbax Malhi
Dan McTeague
Sukh Dhaliwal
Andrew Telegdi
John Maloney


knb said...

James, let it go. I am with you in that I wished they would go, but we all knew in the end it wasn't going to happen.

A whopping 8% of Canadians want an election during the summer.

Yeah, yeah, I know, we never want one, but the poll you mentioned is telling.

That the Lib's have the most opportunity to move forward is not going to change between now and the Fall.

The polls tell me that people are listening more than I thought they were.

Your posts are incredibly creative and I applaud you for that, but I fear you are wasting your energy...not unlike some of the critters you've depicted.

Hey, we were right but we were wrong at the same time.

My mission now is to follow and promote the sale of the Lib bench, values and environment plan.

What say you?

James Curran said...

As promised, I will not be participating in the next election on the federal level. There's no room for the grassroots in this party yet.

I have spent thousands of hours defending this party and its people. I can not defend this. Nor do I care to try.

Go sell the carbon tax and get taunted by yellow clad t-shirts while you're at it. All I heard during the vote was "WooHoo. WooHoo." How embarrassing!!

I'm not about to try to explain to minorities, immigrants, children, aboriginals, environmentalists and the average Joe that this Conservative government is no good while we abstain from every vote in the house of commons that meant something to them.

Anyone that knows me, knows how seriously I take this stuff. I spent a lifetime being a Liberal based on the party of the Charter, the constitution, the immigrant and multiculturalism. This bill flies in the face of all that we are supposed to stand for and I will remember all those that did not oppose it.

Lizt. said...

Decima poll..people do not want to go to the polls in the summeer

northwestern_lad said...

those who live by the polls die by the polls... and the same goes for those people who use polls to decide what principles they're going to stand up for today.

James Curran said...

Does anyone remember what this party stood for? Anyone? Joe Volpe does.

Phil said...

"Does anyone remember what this party stood(stands) for"

Lust for Power, Greed, and Arrogance. Especially the arrogance, because they know you, and people like you will continue to vote for them. No matter what. If you had a shred of integrity, you would not sit out the next election. You would campaign against them!

James Curran said...

Hey Phil, I don't need you to tell me about integrity. What is your great contribution to a political party or Canada for that matter. Don't be telling me I have no integrity when I dis my own party.

Give your head a shake buddy.

Phil said...

I'm just an ordinary working stiff , James. As part of liberal political elite, I'm sure your credentials are stellar. However, claiming that helping to get liberals elected "contributes to Canada", well thats a stretch. Oh well,at least you talk the talk. More than can be said about most of the lib bloggers.

gingercat said...

James Curran, you are not alone in your disillusionment with the Liberal party.

Keep up with the wildlife blogs, it's a nice change of pace.

James Curran said...

Liberal elite? Me?

As the title says: "What Do I Know"

I'm a guy that ut my money where my mouth was. Got elected twice as a riding president federally and once provincially. No big deal and certainly not up there with the political elite.

What I do know though is how my friends at the grassroots level feel and what they are saying. Apparently none of that matters (again).

Anyway Phil, thanks for the compliment - I think.

James Curran said...

Nice picture there Gingy. I'll try to keep that off the blog.

liberazzi said...


I am an ordinary working stiff, but I am a Liberal, because I do not share the Reform/Harris Tories values. These are not your father's "Progressive Conservatives". (Actually, they are for the most part a bunch of grumpy old white guys, who never left the school yard).

I can also say that I am real member, by spending my money and my time for this party. I do not agree with how Dion is steering the ship at the moment, but I will be there when the time comes (the time will come right?). I do not like the the strategic patience plan, but when you have no confidence in your leader, what choice do you have, I guess...

liberazzi said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the strategy meeting tomorrow that Dion called off today. Hopefully, some fur will be flying.

You hear a lot about Chretien's troubles as Opposition Leader, but I doubt it was ever this bad? Was Turner even this bad?

knb said...

Volpe is your idol in this party and this scenario?

Good grief James, talk about old news.

Yes immigration is a big deal and the Bill that passed is not a good one, but it's not as if it cannot be undone.

I congratulate you for how hard you have worked for the party. That's honest.

But like Volpe, I'm not sure you're seeing life as it is. Your young...I'm not sure why you haven't adjusted?

You are entitled to your opinion of course, but I think you'll be missing a wave.

One that you could contribute to.

Babylonian777 said...

liberazzi............."grumpy old white guys", why the racist comments? Who cares if they are white? Is their some diversity formula you use to gage fairness? Half your LPT (Liberal Party of Toronto) is is from Toronto, why the hell should the demographics of one city be the litimus for paliaments ethnic make up. I am sick of this cult of immigrant attitude the liberals hold too. I am an of Iraqi origin, born in Scotland, and an Immigrant Canadian Citizen, but I am sick of this "immigrant gang" mentality.

Liberazzi, how many "white" liberals where either "sick", at a cocktail party, kidnapped, stuck in the bathroom, marching in some gay pride parade, attending a multi-cultural event, listening to an islamic lecture on the joys of polygamy, smoking the green, or just plain not showing up for work (think Paul Martin)..........while the conservatives had this bill pass. LMAO. The only people keeping the liberal party on life support is the Italian bloc, and the muslims, and I don't think the muslims will be happy that this bill passed.

liberazzi said...


I am a grumpy ol white guy, so I am well within my rights, but anyways here's a list of what i am talking about:

Van Loan

I am excluding Stral and Moore, because they seem like decent guys. Although, Moore looked like a putz last week, with that tape stunt.

I am not happy this bill passed, but I am confident when we get back into power, or when we lose the next election, get a new leader then get back into power that the Libs will correct this error.

And yes the Libs have some ol white guys too, but they are more intelligent and less childish than the Reform/Harris parties school yard thugs. However, I am sure these bunch of snot heads got the crap kicked out of them back in grade school, so they have decided to take their pain out on the Canadian public now.

Phil said...

"what choice do you have"

An easy one- Vote Conservative.

Dion is a fascist. So is Layton. So is May.

That's right, Fascist.

Harper is the most liberal of the bunch.

James Curran said...

Adjusted? Young? What the hell are you talking about.

I brought delegates to Dion during leadership. I'm well adjusted. I've been defending him for 2.5 years.

You think I'm some young punk in my mother's basement in my pjs writing this blog? Go to Brampton and Mississauga and tell me if this Immigration Bill is no big deal. EWvery immigrant group and legal organization in Canada panned this Bill.

Why on earth would any group believe will repeal this bullshit bill when we didn't stand up for them in the first place.

Picture the Cons ads with Dion sitting with nobody around him in the House with the caption "the Liberals didn't think immigrants were worth fighting and election over."

Yes Joe Volpe, born in Italy. Maurizio, born in Italy. Albina, born in Italy. Deep Bains whose parents are from India. Ruby whose parents are from India. Sukh Dhaliwal, India. Andrew Telegdi, Hungary. Jim Karygiannis, born in a camp in Greece. Maria Minna, Italy

Yes, these people are my heroes that stood in the house today - and damn well should have!

Jeexuz KNB.

Lizt. said...

Phil....Hold on here., a facist is far to the right.. could be Harper. I think you are very mixed up, when you say Harper is a Liberal......? If you call anyone to the left a facist, then you had better go back to school.

James Curran said...

F#@#K. I'm so livid I can't even type straight.

Dante said...

These are not your father's "Progressive Conservatives".

Your Father's Progressive Conservatives were a bunch of racist white orange men protestants.

Thank god we are done with that crowd.

Babylonian777 said...

James Curan wrote....

Yes Joe Volpe, born in Italy. Maurizio, born in Italy. Albina, born in Italy. Deep Bains whose parents are from India. Ruby whose parents are from India. Sukh Dhaliwal, India. Andrew Telegdi, Hungary. Jim Karygiannis, born in a camp in Greece. Maria Minna, Italy

Don't be so quick into thinking they did the right thing from their heart, I am sure they did.............but if the number weren't right, Dion would ask some of them to take a 30 minutre dump in the parlimentary bathrooms while this vote was happening.

There was a serious case of the runs today amoning Liberal MP's, LMAO!

Lizt. said...

James have a good night's sleep on it. Take it from me, I am not pleased. I try to think of Dion as intelligent, but apparently he is not the one pulling the strings. I admired Ignatieff once, but it is cruel to down play Dion.I feel sorry for him the way he has been treated.He needs at least a chance.

James Curran said...

I never slept for 5 nights in Montreal getting Stephane elected as leader. Perhaps he'll call me up and explain this to me.

Yes. Maybe I'll feel better then.

That ain't gonna happen.

Phil said...


No, it is you who has the facts wrong. Bear with me.

1) Fascism is a leftwing ideology. It doesn't believe in personal liberty, it is about State control for the greater good(Like communism). Early fascist policies included: minimum wage,inplementation of secular schools, universal healthcare, etc..

2)Fascists must always have a "crisis" or"State of emergency" to maintain control over the population. Hitler had his reigstat fire and Jew hatred/propaganda, external threats.
Dion and his ilk have "global warming"

3) David Suzuki and others calling for the jailing of global warming "deniers". Discrediting and blacklisting of scientists of opposing viewpoints.

4) I'm not saying these modern fascists are evil in their intentions,( after all Mussulini was pro Jew) It's all about state CONTROL and POWER.

5) Conservatives and true Liberals are the anti-fascists. Small Government-personal liberty.

Babylonian777 said...

Very good explanation Phil, thorough, and well said.

DLF said...

Mr. Curran:

Respectfully, I think that you wanted something that Canadians nor the party wants. No money. No plan.

What the Conservatives created can be undone in the fall, before the potential damage of this bill can actually happen.

But not before the autumn. You're acting as if one act of parliament is the be all and end all of legislation in this country. It isn't and it never has been.

If undoing legislation were impossible, I couldn't vote.

James Curran said...

With all due respect, go campaign on that. Have fun.

James Curran said...


WHY are you disgruntled?

Mala Fides said...


Are you saying that Mussolini and Hitler were leftists? LOL

The phrase right-wing fascists seems to ring more bells for me.

Facsism is typically thought of as being at the extreme end of the right-wing.

Check out for a basic outline.

Kingston said...

James, Sincerely I am feeling for you. The weak spot of this we will fix it later is the GST in the nineties. The Red book screeched they would get rid of that bad law too, how did that work out. The majority of voters know that will just be election talk. I lean just a little right of center myself, but I want an election now just because I am so sick of the crap happening between all the parties.

knb said...

James, I obviously didn't articulate my self very well.

I don't think you're some kid, (your just younger than me)and I have the greatest respect for all the work you've done.

I'm not at all dismissing how you feel, nor am I suggesting it's not justified. By adjusted, I was referring to coping with what we have, not what we hoped to have.

Anyway, I'm sorry I wasn't clear. In no way did I mean to offend you.

(btw, I live in Mississauga and I'm pretty aware of the issue.)

James Curran said...


You've always been a strong supporter. Frustration has set in for many of us. Trust me, it has hit far up the ladder.

Why bother planning for an election day after day after day after day if you have to rebuild the strategy every 3 months.

Why? Kinsella said it right on CTV yesterday. The time is now. It ain't gonna improve from now til the fall. Make no mistake, this is all on Dion himself.

My leader. My right to criticize. I've never been one to sit idly and watch the world go by on the party front.

Thanks for the input.

Phil said...


Sure they were leftists. They sought to destroy Capitalism. Your link says as much. Correct me if I'm wrong but, Leftwing=belief that gov't should act to correct the "ills" of society, for the "greater good".
Rightwing= belief in self reliance and self determination, and that gov't should butt out.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Tuff luck, Jamesy. I applaud you for stickin' to your (legally registered) guns.

In my role as shameless opportunist and Green Party shill, I can't refrain from a little ambulance-chasin'.

I've got an out for you. You guessed it: join up with the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie May, and our merry band of treehuggin' tax-shiftin' Greenies. This let's you save your honour by quittin' the party that let you down, stay involved in the political scene you obviously love, work for good environmental policies and tout the tax-shift. A big bonus: you'll probably not have to worry about what your candidate will do once they're elected.

We've got some good former Libs in the Greens. We've even got Jim McDonald runnin' communications. He worked for PET. My local EDA is almost all former Grits, disgruntled by a top-down nomination process.

The door's open, James. We can use a feller with your experience, even if you ain't any more 'elite' than ol' JB.

Frank Frink said...

Phil said...

Sure they were leftists. They sought to destroy Capitalism.

And yet captalists like Krupp and Thyssen and Farber profited enormously under the Fascists. They were hardly being destroyed. The Fascists yesterday and today are Corporatists.

Phil, Jonah Goldberg writes works of pure speculative fantasy.

DivaRachel said...

I am happy.

Happy I'm not the only one who's mad about this.

DLF said...

I'm disgruntled at the leadership of the party. Not the political leadership of M. Dion, but the Old Boys Network that runs the money, the policy and the *cough* democracy of the party.

I was chased from the party in 2001 because I refused to support Paul Martin. I came back because I believe in Stephane Dion, I believe that the LPC can become a much richer, much more inclusive,and a much more egalitarian body if only the baby boomers fists of fury can be wrenched from the levers of power. By force if necessary.

I have posted about my general disgruntlement on my blog. I will continue to fight against the perception that women are "trying to turn politics into a helping profession, like nursing or teaching school."

Keep reading if you care.

Greg said...

And yet captalists like Krupp and Thyssen and Farber profited enormously under the Fascists. They were hardly being destroyed. The Fascists yesterday and today are Corporatists.

And let's forget that Hugo Boss manufactured SS uniforms. Very chic.

Anonymous said...

If this vote symbolized that the Grits were a token ethnic party this is it.

Kudos to James for suggesting that the front bench went off to a cocktail party in Montreal.

Might as well leave the bench empty and go to that party instead.

James Curran said...

I'm not suggesting they went. I know they went. I'm sorry to lose you on your executive Mush, but I totally understand your stance. Kudos to you for standing behind your principles.

Anonymous said...


I stood down (by not running for re-election) not because of C-50 but because I feel I cannot dedicate myself to another term in the Executive. Mostly because of work engagements. Still, I am relieved to be on the outside looking in.

I am not impressed by the Grits' strategy. They can still let the Bill pass but can hold hearings, filibuster etc. That they refuse to do so show the party's real interests.

If I am those ethnic minority MP, I would tell Dion that I want a free ticket for the cocktail party instead of being a token opposition. This shows that the Grit front bench still consider the ethnic vote for granted, instead of mobilizing the next generation of party leaders.