Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stephane Dion Gets Two Thundering Ovations

Yesterday at the Ontario Liberal Party's AGM luncheon, I was impressed with the crowd's reaction to the Federal Liberal Party's leader.

When Stephane and his lovely wife Janine walked into the room (unannounced) the crowd went crazy. A thunderous standing ovation for close to five minutes. A short time later, the premier took the stage to address the crowd. Dalton immediately welcomed the federal leader, and upon doing so, the crowd stood for another thunderous standing ovation.

Tells me Ontario Liberals are ready to support Stephane in an election right now.

Secondly, after lunch I got to have a chat with David McGuinty. David asked me to encourage all of you to sign his BILL C-555 Petition. So, without further ado, here it is. Sign it.


The Jurist said...

I suppose that speaks to Dion's having successfully lowered expectations if he can win a standing ovation merely by walking into a room or being introduced. But wouldn't a more genuine reaction be based on his doing or saying something worth supporting?

burlivespipe said...

Showing integrity and courage while constantly under fire (but that's also his job description) isn't too shabby. About to release a policy plank that will be viewed as either (or possibly both) 'desperately needed' or 'act of desperation' would also be of some consequence.
Of course, Jurist, we could just try and aim lower, like your leader. How about, hmmm, helping to kill the Kelowna Accord that would have made big strides in directly assisting aboriginal Canadians who live in poverty, with poor housing, water and opportunities? Then, taking a public bow and thanks for the tip from your buddy Stephen Harper (hmm, not a word for Paul Martin? WTF?) as to some claim for an apology that had been in the works for over three years?
And don't worry, Jack's showing the kind of temerity and courage that would sell out those principles you hold dear, too, come a Faustian choice.

Greg said...

Take a pill, Burl. You are going to blow a gasket. Oh, and the Kelowna Accord died because of Paul Martin's incompetence, not because of the NDP.

The Jurist said...

Amen to that Greg. But bip's list of matters which supposedly deserve applause is itself a remarkable one: the prospect that Dion might unveil a policy later on (if the Cons don't scare him out of it again), and an attempt to claim that repeatedly running away from the Libs' supposed principles is somehow a show of courage.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Liberals applaud Liberal leader. I don't see it as newsy. Was there a point when the LPO was against Dion and the LPC?

I would imagine if the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie may, were to show up at the GPO AGM, she'd be treated to a couple thunderous applauses. Ditto if Harpoon went to any provincial Con AGM or Layton to any provincial NDP AGM.

Big question I have: did David Ginty spill any details on the tax-shift? As environment critic, he should be highly involved in tweaking the plan. I see McCallum's been divulgin' some details and I wonder if he (and Ginty?) might be doing a little more testing of the waters.

Cell phone petition? Sorry, I decline. I'm anti cell phone. Makin' 'em cheaper only encourages 'em. Today, cellphones. Tomorrow, electronic communications implants.