Thursday, June 19, 2008

Duffy: "Elizabeth May is just a subsidiary of the Liberal Party"

Really Mike? While we're asking questions of Mr. Duffy - how come he never has any Bloc members on his MP panels? At least Don Newman brings in the Bloc (who have waaaaaaaay more seats than the Dippers) on the panels. Here's the Dufster's comments. His lizzie may comment is at the 4:40 mark.


The Grumpy Voter said...

Surprisingly, she didn't garner much coverage for unveiling her plan yesterday. If it was a ruse to make Dion's plan sound less painful, I don't think it worked.

Christian Conservative said...

Duffy was actually on the mark with his comment... that's why May shouldn't be allowed into the Leader's Debates.

She did have a strong case for admission this time around, but blew it now that she's nothing more than a Dion mouthpiece. Letting her on the stage would just give the Liberal Party a second representative.

RuralSandi said...

Some of these commenters, like Christian Conservative, must be pretty young.....they obviously don't remember the days when politicians respected each other and sometimes worked together fro a specific cause.

Tommy Douglas comes to mind - knowing voting conservative would eliminate social packages that were good for the people - he sided/coalition with the Liberals - that's called "principles".

Sad that these CPC supporters see no other way than being combative.

wilson said...

Can a Conservative make ANY comment without a Lib calling them bullies, combative.....

RSandy, is that the same Tommy Douglas that wanted to sterilize the mentaly ill and disabled and send them into camps,
the same Tommy douglas that called Natives and French Catholics dubious members of society???
Oh yes, the Tommy douglas, man of principle, who Liberals admire so.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green Party. The Green Party will be running candidates against Liberals in 306 of 308 ridings in Canada. The Bloc runs candidates only in Quebec yet the Cheesehat is allowed in the debates.

May and Dion have a on-compete deal that applies to just two ridings. Green Party policy includes a coupla dozen issues on which the Greens and Liberals hold starkly different views. When someone says that the Greens are a branch of the Liberals, they merely demonstrate how little they know about the Greens. That, in turn, reveals a serious lack of intellectual curiosity. The Greens' policies are all easy to find at

A slightly outdated list of issues where the Green Party holds a unique position (not taken by any of the other parties) can be forund here.

Since that list was published, the Liberals have adopted one item: the tax-shift/carbon tax. The NDP also adopted an item. They are calling for a moratorium on new tar sands development. There are still 29 other issues on which the Greens hold unique positions.

Dion is actually a threat to the GPC. He is actively targeting GPC support by adopting our policy and even our talking points and slogan. He can keep our "Shift Happens" slogan. He wasn't too good and we were done with it. With Dion actively wooing GPC support, it is even more important that Lizzie May be in the debates.