Monday, June 30, 2008

Dr. Henry Morgentaler to Receive Order of Canada

Tonight or tomorrow morning, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada will be announcing this year's recipients of the Order of Canada.

And so rumour would have it, after years and years of Dr. Morgentaler's name being thrown into the list of nominees for the Order of Canada, this year's panel finally voted in favour of the motion.

This year's committee for the O of C consisted of 9 members. The vote favoured Dr. Morgentaler by a tally of 7-2. Justice Beverly McLaughlin apparently waived the usual unanimous vote rule for Dr. Mogentaler's nomination approval. Good for her. And, although I don't have a list of the members of the Chancellery, I do know that 2of them are reported to be the Clerk of the Privy Counsel and the Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage (possibly the two votes against).

There is also a wee rumour that no less than 47 members of the Conservative Caucus have written a joint letter to Prime Minister Harper vehemently asking him to distance himself from this travesty. 47? That's all? I bet David Sweet was one of them!

It should be interesting watching the PM squirm when being asked about this matter. I mean his core constituency will be livid. I'd also like to see how he handles his need to warm up to female voters when it comes to this issue as well.

It's a great day for the pro-choice side of the debate. Congratulations Dr. Morgentaler!


Hazen said...
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James Curran said...

There will be no incitement allowed on this blog that involves the call for violent acts to be perpetrated on anyone. Any such calls are deemed to be "uttering a death threat" and are punishable by law.

I will be deleting any such comments to protect the commnentors from their own stupidity. Hazen is the first to go.

Johnathon said...

Morgantaler should be tried for crimes against humanity.

How can you left wing fucking loons celebrate the fact that fetuses 8 months old can have their brains sucked out by Morgantaler.

You idiots need to fucking grow up.

As a matter of fact, I wish you fucking loons had YOUR brains sucked out before you had the chance to live.

Fucking goofs.

James Curran said...

Apparently yours already were.

Kai_Wolf said...

Every single recepient of this Order will be severly cheapened by liksewise awarding it to Morgentaler. We'll see which past recipients will be principled enough to renounce their induction and association with this vile murderer.

Anonymous said...

I think the prime minister should, must, intervene to prevent this all around travesty of justice. If not for the sake of the Order of Canada then possibly for his own.

Blues Clair said...

Congratulations to Dr. Morgentaler, a man ahead of his times.

James Curran said...

Speaking of interventions...perhaps Conrad Black's can be reviewed. Some people concur with this thought.

Dante said...

So you support something that would be terribly divisive with perfectly Liberal of you.

James Curran said...

Really? So there's no Conservative supporters? And, no Dipper supporters? And no Green Supporters? and the 7-2 on the committee? And the issue has ALWAYS been devisive. ALWAYS. The argument is endless. You're pro-life or you're pro-choice. There's no three ways about it.

The entire world is divided on this issue. That ain't gonna change. What does that have to do with the lifetime work one does? Morgentaler's story is worth a read.

Prole said...

How can you left wing fucking loons celebrate the fact that fetuses 8 months old can have their brains sucked out by Morgantaler.

Hey you fuckin' fuck, it's because those fetus' mommies are likely still alive to be whole entire sentient women because of it, perhaps with other small children who - because of the late term abortion, still HAVE A MOMMY. How's about you do some homework and learn about the reality of the procedure and stop insulting women and their ability to make medical decisions, instead of swallowing whole the demented and intentionally misinformed blatherings of the braying jackasses on the anti-abortion side.

Congratulations, Dr. Morgentaler!

Oh, and he's a real doctor.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that Morgentaler has killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of unborn children during his practice as Canada's foremost abortionist. There is enough scientific evidence to prove that many of those unborn children had every chance of survival if Morgentaler hadn't intervened. To award someone with that reputation the Order of Canada lessens the integrity of the award immensely.

James Curran said...

No. The fact of the matter is that WOMEN have decided what is right or wrong for THEMSELVES. Like as in free-minded people.

They needed a legitimate medical doctor to act on THEIR decision. Dr. Morgentaler was that Doctor. And it beat the hell out of the days of non-doctor, coat hanger days where thousands of women-along with their fetuses- died.

What lives did a guy like Conrad Black save?

Paul said...

Congrats to the good Dr. and to the minds on the panel that recognize his contribution to women's rights.

frankie said...

"This presentation should be given
to people who have made Canada a better place to live and the elimination of
thousands of human beings who would have contributed to the future of Canada
is a disgrace not an honour."

Ramjet said...

What about unborn women's rights? Reagan stated "I have noticed that the people who are pro-choice are already born." I think it's a sad day for all Canadians who believe in true rights and equality. I am saddened to be called a Canadian today.

Paul said...

Well, as Justice Wilson stated, "The decision whether to terminate a pregnancy is essentially a moral decision, a matter of conscience...The question is: whose conscience? Is the conscience of the woman to be paramount or the conscience of the state? I believe, for the reasons I gave in discussing the right to liberty, that in a free and democratic society it must be the conscience of the individual."

Control over one's body is a necessary component of the equality between women and men. The state should not force women to be tied to the home if they don't want to be.

Leeda said...

Dear Mr. Curran:

Help me understand mothers - its a baby when you want it and tissue when you don't.

Well Mr. Curran, a Dr. of Bioethics once said to me. I can't fathom how even one man can deny its a baby at conception. After all that is the only point of fatherhood. Once the egg is fertilized it, not the mother, attaches itself to the uterine wall and then begins to take all it needs from the mother. The unborn child has the stronger will, and if you view Dr. Bernard Nathanson's video the Silent Scream you will see it even fights for its life during an abortion.
Nathanson is a converted abortionist, who after viewing an ultrasound of an abortion has spent the last 12 or so years attempting to stop abortion.

A consequence of sexual activity can be pregnancy and pregnancy = a new life. I have been blessed to meet several women and men whose mother's were raped and yet chose not to punish the child for being violated. You might actually talk with some of them to hear their stories.

Morgentaler will acknowledge that he has murdered millions of unborn babies. He does not deny they are babies. Yet, a reasonable man like yourself will support him to receive an honour that belongs to humanitarian deeds of valor.

Good reasoning should be grounded in truth, not rights rhetoric.

Leeda, Toronto

James Curran said...

First of all Leeda, I am a Catholic, and as such I'm not supposed to believe in abortion....or birth control.

Who are you and I to tell rational thinking women what to to in terms of their personal beliefs and their control over their own medical decisions? I'm not God. You aren't either.

The fact of the matter is that women decide whether or not they want tot carry a child to term. Not you. Not me.

You can crusade all you want for an anti-abortion law, and maybe even succeed one day. It'll be irrelevant. Women will still continue to have abortions if they feel it is in their own best interest.

So, if you'd like to go back to the good ole days where women were left to bleed to death in back alleys and dark rooms by some fraud of a doctor, go right ahead.

As for the Order? There are a couple less deserving fellows I can think of right now. Conrad Black and Father Lucien (the Assaulter) Larre to be more precise.

There's one for ya Leeda. Father Larre helping kids that weren't aborted by beating them and sexually assaulting them. A priest. Imagine that. A pro-lifer assualting people.

I never did get that pro-life thing where a pro-life activist tries to kill doctors that perform abortions. I guess it's selective lives they choose to be pro with.

Ramjet said...

Mr. Curran, I take offense when you call yourself catholic when you do not follow the teachings of the Apostolic Church. You logic is like Bin Ladin calling himself Jewish. You arguments are often off topic and you respond like a juvenile. I am shocked at your logic. Keep to the facts, otherwise you will lose your serious audience.

Need I say more!

James Curran said...

Get over yourself. I don't really care if you take offense. I'm simply stating facts. That is what this blog is all about. I don't have to believe in pro-abortion or pro-life stances. I'm stating facts. The fact is there are women that will choose to keep their babies. And there are women that will choose not too. Either way, I FAVOUR THEIR RIGHT TO DECIDE.

As for my serious audience? Serious people are allowed to debate with logic. Yours is beyond me.

Need I say more?!?

Jim said...

well written, well argued and right on.
You certainly brought the wingnuts out from under their rocks.