Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Couillard's Company Donated to Fortier

How to win friends and influence people. It appears this Kevlar Group that "never knew or employed Julie Couillard" really does like the politics game. So much so, they donated to Michael Fortier's campaign. Hey, isn't he the unelected cabinet minister/senator in charge of Public Works that fired a staffer for dating the same Julie Couillard?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

You conveniently omit the fact that the donation was returned.

RuralSandi said...

Ah, the question that should follow - when was it returned - when the sh*t hit the fan?

James Curran said...

You conveniently didn't read the article I linked to in its entirety.

James Curran said...


I show Rene Bellerive (I assume the same president of Kevlar) as a donor on May 15, 2007 in the amount of $1,100. There is no mention in the financial report that his donation was returned in the calendar year 2007.

wilson said...

from the linked article:
''... that the party (CPC) also returned Kevlar's $1,000 donation made in 2006 to the party's Mount Royal riding association...''

Donations returned in 2006 and 2007, I guess Kevlar can't take a hint.

Is this, NOT accepting donations, supposed to be a scandal?
Nah, just a diversion from the new poll out of BC....Dion is in big doodoo with his Carbon Tax:

Most oppose carbon tax
Vancouver Sun
June 18, 2008
VICTORIA -- A majority of British Columbians oppose the B.C. Liberal government's carbon tax, a new poll reveals.

Ipsos Reid has found that 59 per cent of those polled are against the new tax ...""

James Curran said...

As usual Willie, you have failed to look up the facts yorself. I fail to see any cheques returned to Kevlar. Fortier's current riding has received and kept a donation from Kevlar's president. As I've already stated in this comment stream.

Feel free to go onto EC's public sight under financing.