Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quebec Takes on Harper

Like the Stanley Cup final, the next election is shaping up to be a version of East vs. West. On Harper's side is the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. On Dion's side is everyone east of Manitoba, save for whatever is left of the Bloc.

Why, you ask? Well we already have Danny Williams campaigning against Harper in the Atlantic provinces. Jim Flaherty is assuring Liberal victory in Ontario. And, now, you have Jean Charest's government ready to take Harper on head to head over senate reform. Harper didn't see that one coming.

What does all this mean? Simple really. Stephane Dion is the next prime minister of Canada!


Anonymous said...

Don't discount Harper is Quebec - he's using both Charest and Dumont.
And you should have a look at how organizes the Conservatives here also. Lots of infiltration at the municipal level (hi there Mr. Fortier, are you still meeting with city councillors in the Vaudreil-Dorion region?)

James Curran said...

Dumont is Done. Done like dinner. He's obviously not losing Charest if it's Charest's government taking him to court now is he?