Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ian Brodie's Head Rolls First

The master of the Obama Leak is gone. In his place comes yet another Mike Harris leftover - Guy Giorno. Doesn't this Harper government remind you of the last days of Mulroney when everyone was in hot water and resignations were almost daily?

The Harris list of Cronies continues up in Ottawa. Watch for a landslide in Ontario by the federal Liberals in the next election.

UPDATE: How is Giorno going to defend a government that is shutting down access to information when he has built a reputation for exactly the opposite? Here's an excerpt from his resume:

During the 1990s he routinely represented public-sector institutions (respondents) in freedom of information appeals, but Guy now acts exclusively for requesters, helping them to exercise their rights to obtain government records under freedom of information/access to information legislation.


Mala Fides said...

My question is, where are all of the PROGRESSIVE Conservatives? It seems like the only ones that are given any exposure are the fly-weights that won't pose any challenge to Harper's fragile ego or his ideologically driven goal to dismantle the Federal Government (i.e. McKay).

The Progressive Conservatives that had any self-respect, intelligence and integrity all saw the writing on the wall early on and bailed out of the Reform takeover.

Now, look at the appointments to cabinet and to senior PMO positions. They are all of the same ideology. All of the same mentality. All of the same anti-Canada- pro-devolution mentality.

The Conservative slogans for the next election should be something like:

1. Doing to Canada what Mike Harris did to Ontario; or

2. Dismantling the Federal Government for friends of the right-wing anti-environment corporatists; or

3. I couldn't build a firewall around Alberta, so i'll just burn the whole country down!

James Curran said...