Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Agree. It's Time for an Election

And the people are telling us that. So the next time I hear that Canadians aren't wanting an election, I'm gonna blow a gasket.

And, this so-called raid of the Conservative HQ is only the tip of the iceberg my friends, as I said months ago.

And, what do you think Rick Hiller's real reason for resigning is? Could it be Maxime Bernier's ridiculous comments in Afghanistan last weekend? I having a sneaking suspicion we haven't heard anything near the real truth to the story...YET.

Boy those "Transparent and Accountable" Conservatives are sure looking goofy these days.


Lizt. said...

Don Newman said that it would maybe be better to have this Con.Election scandal over with before calling an election. I see why, because if there is nothing, you can barely go to the people with nothing on this one. We will have to wait.

James Curran said...

Sometimes it's the promise of a negative outcome that makes scandals so enjoyable. Gomery hadn't been concluded, but look what it did to Liberals.

The Conservatives will have to pay some heavy prices for this in and out scheme and some of their MPs are going to be dragged in with them. Trust me.

wilson said...

Adscam investigations are still going on. charges were laid not long ago and it was reported then that more could be expected.

Maybe, during an election, we will find out who the 12 Liberal candidates were that Cote gave bags of cash to, stolen taxpayer money, in $100 bills stuffed into envelopes....

Maybe a committee should investigate.

s.b. said...

And what's our platform James???

Last I heard it was money for religious school security.

Now, if that's not a losing platform , well??

Really guns, Afghanistan, crime legislation, ending Kyoto, the budget are all dead zones for us. Liberals voted for them or abstained.

We have NO PLATFORM. What do we ask Canadians to vote for? An election now would be a disaster.

wilson said...

you have carbon taxes (which McGuinty is against), Green Mortgages (from Jack's 2004 platform),
irradicating poverty (details t.b.a.),
and all those 'markers' where Dion promises to reverse everything that he supported!
Will that include reversing 'Quebec is a Nation', was that a marker?

James Curran said...

uh booy.feel free to talk amongst yourselves.