Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ezra Levant: You're So Freaking Desperate

Hey Ezra, go freak yourself with a pitchfork!!! Is this the New Talking Head for the CONservative Party??? I thought they had enough of embarrassing media scrums this week. What a disgusting piece of shit you are Ezra. Jenke and Taylor should be appalled by this moronic appearance by this loser on Duffy Live Today. What an ass.


knb said...

Well, it's difficult to tell what you really think here, lol, but I completely agree.

I say, keep Levant, Poilievre and Van Loan out there.

Let them finally show who they really are and who they represent.

btw-I think McGrath and Boudria mirrored the shock that most people felt with that inane assault.

James Curran said...

It's obvious CTV recognized the blunder. The link is nowhere to be found on the Duffy Live site. F@dgkers.

Scott Tribe said...

For those of us who missed it.. what did he say?

James Curran said...

That's exactly what he said. Boudria, McGrath (whose name he couldn't even remember) and the Liberals and Dippers are desperate. He talked over everyone including Tabor and let out a vicious attack on everyone there. Tabor had to call it a segment as Boudria and McGrath shook there heads in disgust. i hope the Conservatives choose to have him talk some more on their behalf.

They are obviously running out of spokespeople if they are resorting to Levant.

Darren McEwen said...

Tell us more! Tell us more! :)

I stopped watching MDL after Monday night when Mike Duffy dismissively said that he thought only minor regional media outlets were shut out from the Tory meeting. Right, like CBC, Maclean's, Canwest and CP are just your Ma and Pa local small town newspaper operation!

Scott Tribe said...

This is referring to Elections Canada's investigation/raid/court case, I presume.

James Curran said...

Yes Scott. But, I've never seen CTV not link to an entire segment of their show. Normally the only part they omit is the media pundits at the end of the show. I'll keep searching for it.

wilson said...

it was NOT about EC,
the segment was about Brenda Martin.
Ezra was last to comment,
he did NOT talk over anyone,
after the Lib and Dipper did their usual
'everything is Harpers fault'
Ezra said something to the effect-
it was a Mexican jail, not a Canadian jail, what was the government suppose to do? Storm the prison?.
'Mr Bodria and my other (?) are more friggin' concerned about scoring cheap political points than abour the Martin family..

It was great!!!!

Yah know James, there were Liberals that saw the segment, they know that my version is the correct one.

wilson said...

More BS. CTV seldom links the journalist segment, and todays Robin Sears (about EC) segment isn't on either.

James Curran said...

Thanks Wilson. You are correct. Got the link??? Imagine that we Liberals and the Dippers are scoring points with Brenda Martin. Imagine Ezra actually using the word Freaking on a national segment. Why isn't CTV posting that buddy?

This wasn't the journalist segment bird. It was the "strategist session" hence Boudria and McGrath. The only link CTV never shows is the journalists, which was Galloway and the CP guy today. And, why isn't Sears link there either?

James Curran said...

Scott, I stand corrected on the content.

Gayle said...

I saw it, but I cannot tell you everything he said because my husband and I were laughing so hard.

He chastized the liberals and NDP for, get this, being TOO PARTISAN! - complaining that they were trading on this family's grief to score cheap political points. Boudria and Mcgrath could not believe he was actually being serious.

I guess he must have missed that conference Harper gave at the scene of the Jane Creba shooting during the last election. Oh yes, the conservatives are the last people to give lectures about scoring cheap political points off of other people's tragedies.

(Let alone the fact that Levant is the last person who should be giving anyone lectures about being partisan. And yes he most certainly did talk over everyone else - that started the second he opened his mouth. I suspect it was because he knew he was on shakey ground if he actually spoke about the subject of the questions.)

wilson said...

Ezra commented LAST. He did not talk over anyone else.
He did not interrupt the others. He did not allow Bodria to talk over him.

Every talk show and every session of QP has become one big partisan smear.
I haven't heard sincere policy talk for months.
It's time for an election, so as we can hear about party policy.

James Curran said...

At last I agree with something you write. Time for an election.

Gayle said...

"He did not allow Bodria to talk over him."

I think what you mean is that once he started talking he did not want anyone to rebut his preposterous argument.

wilson said...

No Gayle, he did not allow Bodria to butt in.
There was no rebuttal from anyone on the panel.
They each took a turn. When Ezra's turn came, last, Bodria tried to talk over him.

Ralph, Rae and Turner all do the talk over the cons thing.

Yes, we need an election. Perhaps PMSH will ask for the confidence of the House, what will Dion do?
Give PMSH his confidence to govern?

knb said...

Actually, didn't Taber asked McGrath one last question, something deep like, "What do you say to that?"?

As McGrath was speaking, Levant was yelling about swat teams storming the prison etc.

It is odd that the segment isn't there nor anything about EC. Boy, Robin Sears has turned into quite the Con bag boy hasn't he?

James Curran said...

McGrath wasn't allowed to answer as EzRaw just kept talking. And, Tabor had to call it quits on the segment. Boudria just kept shaking his head in shock.

RuralSandi said...

It was wonderful - made Ezra LeRant and the CPC look like panicked idiots.

Sears - hmmm....like he's to be trusted. Wasnt' there a kerfuffle years ago about Sears and expense accounts? Hmmmm.....

Ted said...


If you are still looking for the link, Ezra actually has it up:


And it proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is a buffoon and that he did indeed try to talk over McGrath while it was her turn to speak. At one point, he even asks her a question and then doesn't let her answer. They were all quite baffled by him.

knb said...

Well done Ted. I was beginning to think the old memory was failing ;).

Thanks for the link.

James Curran said...

Oh Teddy,

you are the man. I'll look at that and brog it.