Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Winds of Election Swirl Again

If Liberals don't topple this rancid Conswervative government over this Cadman thing, they will be in the wilderness faaaaaar longer than 2009. How many times do you have to hit a beehive before the bees come out and chase you?

WTF are we waiting for? Two huge scandals aren't enough? One Conservative PM took money in envelopes in hotel rooms, and another Conservative PM bribed a sitting MP. Helllllooooooo!

Whatever Bob Rae wants to wait for is way beyond my grasp of what's going on in Ottawa. The Canadian public is sick and disgusted over the Cadman Affair. Bribes to a dying man in exchange for a chance at power is more of a story than the bullshit budget. It may even be bigger than the Mulroney Affair - which Harper is backing away from again. What a weasel he is!

Grow some balls people! The time is now!

To arms!!! TO ARMS!!!


Kris said...

I've got some thoughts on this that make me think twice over an election, especially considering all the "no need for an election" talk given by the Liberals recently. Read it here and let me know what you think, I'm trying to convince myself an election will work and need some help.


CuriosityCat said...

Ask yourself: if Harper was leader of the opposition, and the scandal was a Liberal scandal, would Harper vote against the budget to trigger an election?

Of course he would.


Because he has a sense of political strategy, which Dion seems to be missing.

James Curran said...


My friend and leader Stephane Dion is a blind man in the wilderness right now. He surrounded by some people with their own agenda, while those of us that got him where he is have no voice.

It's time for an election. It's really that simple.