Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Power of Women

Here I am blogging live from the Women's Canadian Hockey League championship. It's only appropriate that this game is taking place at the POWERade Centre in Brampton Ontario.

You see, both teams in the final game - Mississauga and Brampton- are representatives from two cities that happen to have female mayors. I don't know if Hazel and Brampton mayor Susan Fennell have wager on the game, but it's been a rough and tumble affair. Miss is leading 3-2 at the end of two in case you're curious.

My theory about little girls supplanting little boys in minor hockey is alive and well. All the minor hockey games here today feature young women. By the hundreds they've come.

The game is important enough to bring out the likes of Barenaked Ladies drummers, councillors, CWHLers from across the nation and a couple thousnad fans.

This league is a must keep in my opinion. Let's halp insure it's longevity. Donate where possible and check out their website where they're livestreaming the game.

Update: Brampton won in overtime 4-3. What a game!

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