Monday, March 10, 2008

The Media has Started to Turn on Obama

This CNN article suggests that Senator Obama wants all or nothing, and that he wouldn't even consider running as a Vice Presidential candidate. In fact, Obama is saying that he will be the nominee and he will decide who will be vice president. Tough to get that out of the title of the article though.


Dan McKenzie said...

I disagree with you here. The media may yet turn on Obama but the past few days have been good for Obama, and the reception he's getting for his stance on VP talk hasn't been bad.

Strategically it's a good move by the Clintons to suggest that a vote for them is also really a vote for Obama as Vice President. Of course it is virtually impossible for Clinton to pass Obama in pledged delegates so he has no choice but to reject the idea in some way. He did fine.

I think the Obama camp may be tested on negotiations around Florida and Michigan but I think he's handling this VP talk fine.

James Curran said...

It's not him Dan. It's the media. They're digging. That headline I published was not indicative of the article itself.

This race is not helping either candidate. McCain has free reign over the message and lots of time to shape and mould his campaign, raise money, pick apart his opponent and cruise to November.

The Dems will take this puppy right to Colorado and just keep hammering each other and digging up more dirt.

Not good. Not good at all.

Dan McKenzie said...

Well I certainly would have preferred to see this thing end in Texas.