Sunday, March 16, 2008

Liberals Sitting on Their Hands!


Tomorrow has been chosen as the day for four by-elections by Stephen Harper. I guess he figured everyone in the country would be drinking green beer and wouldn't get off their butts to go vote.

Well, Liberal nation is decending on these four ridings tomorrow to get out the vote. This is where the buck stops Mr. Harper. Hundreds and thousands of Liberals are coming out to prove it.


Al Wood said...

Tomorrow isn't St Patrick's Day. The Catholic Church moved the day to Mar 15th for this year in order to maintain the sanctity of Holy Week. So instead of green beer you will need to blame the Pope. Gosh, does this mean the Stephen Harper government has the backing of the Vatican.

James Curran said...

Tell that to these people:

janfromthebruce said...

Liberal nation??? How pompous :(

James Curran said...

Right up there with Raider nation, Leafs nation, alienation, damnation. :0

RuralSandi said...

Didn't know the Catholic Church decided when it should be St. Patrick's day - not everyone is catholic.

I was angry the Liberals sat on their hands until I realized that if the Liberals went to election when Harper wanted them to last fall we wouldn't have had the Chalk River fiasco surface, NAFTA-gate surface, the Cadman affair, been aware that the CPC hadn't implemented the Accountability Act to its fullest, never-ending patronage appointments, etc., etc., etc.

Now I know why Harper was anxious to go to election.