Friday, March 28, 2008

Chantal Hebert: Not for Prime Time.

Today's column by Chantal Hebert in the Toronto Star is just another example of Ms. Hebert's personal bias against Liberal Leader Stephane DIon.

Since the Liberal Leadership race began, Hebert has been heaping the wrath of a decade's worth of soft-nationalist hatred onto Dion, who was the author to the Clarity Act and one of the strongest defenders of federalism in Quebec.

The result of Hebert's personal vendetta against Dion has been a weakening of the federalist argument in Quebec and has contributed to the unhinging of the Canadian federation due to the mostly uncontested Reform/Alliance/Conservative government of Jim Flaherty, John Baird and Stephen Harper and their provincialist and devolutionist goals.

The real question that readers of the Toronto Star and viewers of "At Issue" on The National on CBC need to be asking is where exactly is the line between opinion, commentary, editorial and propaganda? In my opinion, Ms. Hebert's columns have had more to do with projecting her own dislikes and desires and to moving forward her own agenda than they have had to do with reporting the facts. Her intent is obvious, she, like a number of the mealy-mouthed cretins like Pierre-Luc Bellerose are trying to undo the democratic and grassroots decision of the members of the Liberal Party to elect Stephane Dion as the Leader of the Party.

Ms. Hebert is in a position of responsibility and trust. Her two-year long personal campaign against Stephane Dion is no different than the attack media of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reiilly, and Sean Hannity of the US and their endless war against Bill and Hillary Clinton. This is not journalism. It is not editorial. It is not fair comment. Ms. Hebert is using her position of responsibility and trust to wage a personal war against Stephane Dion. As a result, she has lost all credibility and any semblance of objectivity.

The only beneficiaries of Ms. Hebert's actions will be the Quebec separatists who are being given convenient cover while they rebuild their crumbling organization and anachronistic pogroms and the Western Separatists headed by Stephen Harper who does not believe in a strong Canada and who is doing everything in his power (even under the constraints of a minority government) to strip the federal government of its ability to run programs and offer services to the Canadian people.

Naturally, missing in all the negative Dion press by the likes of Hebert, is the fact that the Conservatives have had to fire their Quebec Lieutenant, and have replaced him with none other than Conservative Cadman Scandal operative Doug Finley. Naturally, Ms. Hebert mentions nothing of Stephen Harper being a dead man walking in Quebec.

The Bloc was destroyed in the three by-elections last fall. after finishing second in Outremont lifetime, they disappeared off the face of the map in that riding, finishing third. Not to mention losing a seat in Roberval to the Conservatives. Did Hebert call Gilles Duceppe a dead man walking? Nope. She declared the by-elections a Liberal disaster instead.

Thank you Ms. Hebert, for helping with the dismantling of my country. You're doing all separatists a great service and when this country splinters, a day in your honour should be officially proclaimed in the two new capitols of Calgary and Quebec City.

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