Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Grit's OYL Endorsements

I normally don't get involved in endorsing candidates for OYL positions. Usually because each and every person putting their names forward is the future of our party. I have also never been a fan of this slate vs. that slate....although, we've all been involved in that sort of thing at one time or another.

I am NOT endorsing a slate, but rather some individuals that I have come into contact with that I think make a difference in this party of ours.

Leo Lehman - South Central Regional Director

Justin Tetreault - Candidate, Executive Vice President

Elyse Banham - Candidate, Vice President Federal Affairs

Joanna Murrell - Candidate, Vice President Provincial Affairs

Danielle Takacs - Candidate, Treasurer

Zac Spicer - Candidate, Communications Director

I wish all of the candidates the best in their endeavours at the OYL AGM, and, I commend all the candidates for the courage to put their names forward. Good luck to all of you.



James Bowie said...

It should also be pretty easy to make your choice for Northern Coordinator. There is only one candidate.

We'll see you in Hamilton?

Sinestra said...

Obviously as a Quebecer I won't be participating in this election, either. I do find the lack of French on both the 'slates''s websites to be a bit troubling. There are about half a million franco-Ontarians, after all. I've already mentioned this to Cherniak as well - hopefully it's a minor oversight that will be remedied soon.

James Curran said...

Buddy, Your spare room is ready for you.