Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to South Carolina...the beginning of the Obama End

The New York Time's endorsement of Hillary Clinton has accomplished two things today.

1. Barack Obama's campaign for the White House officially ends with his devastating loss in South Carolina today.

2. Rudy Giuliani is in big trouble in the winner-take-all delegate state of Florida with the Times' endorsement of McCain. That means the Times REALLY thinks that Hillary can beat McCain and not Giuliani.

We know what you're doing NYT. We're not stupid!


Scott Tribe said...

Nice try Jim, but Obama has a 13 point lead in the last poll down in SC.. so I think you're dreaming a tad with this post.

Obama may not win the nomination, but it won't be SC that derails it.

McGuire said...

Umm, other way around. A Republican getting endorsed by the NY Times is a verrrry bad thing for him/her & given McCain's problems with the base, it'll just compound things. It says to me that the left is far more afraid of McCain than Rudy.

Castor Rouge said...

Wow the New York Times... I mean what are the chances the New York Times would back a New York Senator representing the institutional old guard of the Democratic Party? An even better question, how many undecided Democratic voters are there in South Carolina that subscribe to the Times, let alone will make up their decision based on its endorsement? As for John McCain I'm sure that's just what he was hoping for, an endorsement from the most "liberal" newspaper in the U.S. to convince mainstream Republicans he's not too much of a lefty.