Monday, January 28, 2008

It Takes More Than 3 Kennedys to Kill a Presidential Campaign

So, formally, "The Kennedys" endorsed Barack Obama today. We all heard the rumours. Now they've become reality...or have they?

While Uncle Teddy, cousin Patrick and the daughter of the Great One announced their overwhelming endorsement for Mr. Obama, some of us, tongue-in-cheek, remember that the son of the sober thinker, Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr., has endorsed Hillary Clinton. And, Bobby's daughter Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has endorsed Hillary.

Who can forget the pictures of the Clinton's out on Uncle Teddy's yacht? Not me. I'd have to say that the Kennedys are, once again, very leveraged.

Al Gore is rumoured to endorse Barack next.

Here's some other endorsements:

Scarlett Johansson backs Obama and says "she's engaged to him"
You know about Oprah and John Kerry already.
Toni Morrison is backing Barack.

Chuck Norris is FULLY behind Mike Huckabee

RAMBO is backing John McCain

Singer John Mayer backs Ron Paul

Oh...Did I mention Kevin Bacon is endorsing John Edwards? That's right. You heard me. Kevin Bacon

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