Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Humility and The "What Do I Know Grit"

I had an inevitable date with humility. I tried everything to ditch her. She just kept calling and, eventually, I caved to the pressure.

Today my Number 1 picks for both the Republican and Democratic Party packed up their tents and went home. I feel like I just got booted out of the quarterback club and the hockey pool all in the very same minute.

Rudy's Campaign was a disaster. Guys like Frum should give their heads a shake.

As for my good buddy John Edwards? Man, what an unlucky break to run against a woman and an African American. Poor guy just got all drowned out in that media wishing-and hoping-thing that's going on about the first this or that.

Unlike Rudy, Senator Edwards has decided to give some sober thought about endorsing another candidate. I don't blame him. There's a lot on the line.


janfromthebruce said...

John Edwards was my pick too. He actually provided political analysis over sweet sounding rhetoric. Alas, politicians with intact brains need not apply.

James Curran said...


RuralSandi said...

I find your picks odd - Edwards and Guiliani are so far apart in their political views.

Edwards is almost the NDP of the US (Ralph Nader supported him and Nader loves Canada's NDP).

Guiliani is no loss at all. You know, politicians should stay away from Frum - he was a supporter of McCain in 2000 - sounds like he's the kiss of death. Frum is also a very close friend of Harper.

Edwards said when interviewed that his wife Elizabeth is doing well (I wondered if he bowed out because of her health issues). I did notice that she's aged a lot - perhaps it just the treatments.

Edwards has openly stated that he asked both Obama and Clinton to work on poverty - they both promised so both will have to do that or they will look very bad.

Bill Clinton worked very hard to raise funds for Katrina. Edwards got kids to help with the clean up.

Do you happen to know if Obama did anything about Katrina? Just curious.