Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hillary's Problems... All About Sexism

In what could be the quote of the day - and an underlying admission of doom - former president, Bill Clinton had this to say about his wife,

"We cant be a new story," he said. "I can't make her younger, taller, male."

In other related news...John Edwards is looking fresher by the day.


Peter Loewen said...

Edwards? Really? News Futures has him winning the nomination at just a 3% probability. The Iowa Electronic Markets have him at less than 5%. Care to take a wager? Name the price...


RuralSandi said...

Edwards is a jerk. He is protected by his mummy wife - she's been going on the air for months attacking Hillary and crying that the media don't cover her little baby boy enough and goes berserk if anyone criticizes her little Johnnie boy. I wonder, who wears the pants in that family and who is the ambitious one.

Edwards, to me, is the Jack Layon of the US.

Ya, bad, bad corporations all the while getting filthy rich on scuzzy slip/fall/injury type legal cases.

Ya, and he doesn't have a job, doesn't need one because he's so rich - he should be fresh - he has no other responsibilities.

The Grumpy Voter said...

Hillary Clinton's problem is that there's been either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House for the past two decades.

James Curran said...

...speaking of crying. Holy cow Sandi.

Good call Grumpy.

28 potential years of a Clinton or a Bush. Geeeeez. Talk about dynasties. Chelsea might run after that. Maybe even Jed.

Peter Loewen said...

It still does not explain why one should prefer such a Chaucerian fraud as Edwards. He is the definition of a demagogue.

A man who on two occassions retold the story of his son's death to John Kerry, each time assuring him he had never told anyone before , has the audacity for criticizing Clinton for exploting emotion? Sorry, he will say anything to get elected, no matter how illogical or untrue. He'll be put to death tonight, thankfully.

James Curran said...

They're all saying anything they can to win. All of them have flip-flopped on everything. Now they are all "the voice of change". If change is the catchword (and it is) then Hillary is now dead in the water.

As for Barack? .....and Sandi thinks Edwards needs a job? He's greener than Edwards...although I DID like the fact that Colin Powell has been advising him on foreign affairs.

The Edwards Campaign does NOT end tonight. I'll bet on JOE TRIPPI anytime.

The Mound of Sound said...

That's a really cheesy stunt for Bill to pull - Hillary can't be elected because she's not a he. Hillary was leading for months and the skirt didn't hold her back one bit. She's losing because her message has gotten so confused and divergent over the months that the Hillary Clinton narrative is now completely muddled. She appears to stand for everything and nothing, all at once.

pbr said...

At the beginning of the campaign when Bill Clinton said he "could not make his wife any younger, taller or male, it received little play from the press as a sexist comment despite its obvious references to male preference.

Nor was it met with the potential problem that Obama has in the election, that he cannot be made "older, white, or less sexist," as noted by many of his comments and references that indicate his lack of experience, naivete, or polarizing plays to the black community upon demand, while distancing himself from black communities upon demand.

Nor can references to Hillary's "claws," "down moods" be characterized as anything different from sexism and misogyny that they are.

But few discuss the similarities of their mutual flaws of appearance against a white male establishment candidate, and they should be recognized rather than swept under the rug as insignificant.