Monday, January 21, 2008

CNN Ignores Edwards

The Black Caucus Debate is an absolute farce so far. Edwards may as well not even be on the stage. Wolf Blitzer has been a poor excuse for a moderator. Hillary can speak all she wants. So can Barack. John? Poor bastard.


RuralSandi said...

I'm not an Edwards fan, but he did well last night.

I blame the bickering on Suzanne Malveux (sp?) - she set up the question on purpose and face it, the candidates are to answer the questions posed.

In a previous debate when they were taking questions from the audience, the same Suzanne Malveux put in her OWN question when an audience member asked theirs - Joe Biden (good for him) said to her - do you want me to answer the audience question or yours.

Blitzer is a tool - he's like a kid running after a fire engine.

So, what are they talking about today? The scrapping - not the policies of each candidate - pathetic.

I think that the US want a messiah so much they can't stand it if Obama is questioned and challenged - if you notice - Clinton and Edwards answer questions - Obama doesn't really. He talks a lot without saying anything.

James Curran said...

Wolf is brutal. He did nothing to control that debate. Edwards was forced to stand there and listen to that guttersnipe politicking that we have all come to resent.

He's the only one with a costed plan to reduce poverty, remove predatory lending (something Canada needs to address), and get those poor GIs out of Iraq within one year. Hillary and Barack will keep those troops there. Bank on it.

It's not Ok to be president just because you are the first this or that to run for the job. Giuliani will eat them both for dinner. Sad but true.