Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Campaign FOR David Orchard Continues

Oh man. I can't believe the amount of emails, letters and calls flooding in in support of David Orchard. Yesterday was the largest amount of traffic this blog has ever enjoyed (thanks largely to Kate at that other blog).Incredible really. I mean I knew that David was a popular guy with his peeps, but today is proof positive that he is a man that we need to have fighting in the trenches with us. His supporting cast is second to none.

I should remind EVERYONE that this campaign for Orchard was all about having an open and fair nomination in the riding of DMCR. This campaign wasn't about an appointment for Mr. Orchard. There were no guarantees that David would have even won the nomination. John Dorion was also selling memberships in the riding and would have presented a formidable campaign for himself.

I have, naturally, talked with David over the matter of the appointment of Ms. Beatty to DMCR in Sask. As I expected, David is taking the high road on the matter. One journalist from a major newspaper has confirmed to me that David has decided not to discuss the matter at present. Honourable. Very honourable.

Mr. Orchard's supporters and, for that matter, non-supporters have been bombarding this blog, the leader's office, Mr. Goodale's office and just about every MP they could think of to express their opinions on the issue.

There are people on both sides of the argument whether or not David should run in DMCR. The one thing that almost all of them agree on however is that we, as a party, should not be appointing anyone, any where, any time.

As I stood in the campaign office of Jocelyn Coulon in Outremont after our crushing defeat, I looked into Stephane's eyes and saw the pain of that loss. I know he has a plan to win the next election...whenever that may be.

For those of you that know me, you know that you won't find me carrying a knife to a gunfight. I'm no delicate flower wilting in the corner. When I stood there on the floor in Montreal behind Stephane Dion and David Orchard, I believed that this party was now in a state of renewal. I still believe that today. This is a hiccup that must be rectified. I trust that it will be.

So, at the risk of being permanently banished to Siberia(At least I know I won't be alone when I get there), I share some letters with you.

Dear Mr. Dion...

I am writing to you to express my intense disappointment and outrage at your appointment of a selected candidate in the riding of Desnethé Missinippi-Churchill River, even when at least two qualified persons were seeking the nomination. I am particularly incensed given that this decision would appear to all reasonable persons as a move to eliminate David Orchard as a potential candidate in the next federal election. Is there any other conclusion that I can draw from this debacle?

Prior to this turn of events, David Orchard had convinced me to support the Liberals in the next federal election, even here in Calgary were the Conservatives have such a stranglehold. But in light of your treachery, the thought of helping you, even in a small way, become the prime minister of Canada make my guts churn. I just cannot do it.

Mr Dion, it is my view that Canadians thirst for a decisive, credible leader that they can trust that what he says will guide his actions. That is exactly why David Orchard resonates so well with so many people. Unfortunately, you currently fall far short of that ideal. Yet it is not to late to turn this matter to your benefit. Make the decision to reverse your decision and allow the citizens of Desnethé
Missinippi-Churchill River to democratically decide who should be their Liberal candidate in the next federal election. In doing so, you would demonstrate that you do have personal integrity, a commitment to the democratic process and the potential to become the next Prime Minister of the great country. To do otherwise will likely result in you being cast into the refuse pile of Canadian political history and in doing so, guarantee that the right-wing fascists continue to govern the country.

The decision is your's to make. Demonstrate to myself and thousands of other Canadians that you are a man who can be trusted and that you are worthy of our support.

Best regards

Mike Sawyer

Dear Mr. Dion,

To support your leadership bid, I paid for an aboriginal delegate to fly from Saskatchewan just a couple of days before the convention . Encouraged by your strong message of Canadian unity, environmental action and social justice, I joined the Liberal party and have been door knocking in my home riding of Vancouver Quadra with Joyce Murray promoting you on the basis of your unimpeachable ethics and strong character. I've come to like Joyce a lot, and I plan to throw myself into the upcoming by-election

Joyce won the nomination fair and square. That's all that David Orchard is trying to do.

Personally, I support the idea of encouraging women and others not adequately represented in parliament to run and participate in our democracy. But to cut off the Orchard team in northern Saskatchewan at the eleventh hour is not consistent with the fair and smart politics that I've come to expect from your leadership. It's not too late to reverse this error, and let an open selection process run it's course in the riding.

With respect,
Robert Kraljii,
Vancouver BC

January 3, 2008

M. Dion,

I am appalled that you appointed Ms. Beatty to the candidacy in Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River. This is akin to Mackay's betrayal of David Orchard in forming the neo conservative party. Like Mackay, you seem to have forgotten a key factor in your win of the Liberal leadership.

I now fear for this country as I am convinced that this betrayal and caving to Goodale's pressure will cause immense harm to the credibility of both you and the party in the eyes of thousands of voters who might otherwise have made the difference. Harper is such an awful alternative and in the reality of Canadian politics, the only alternative to a Liberal government which I believe is now at least five years away.

Can you change that? Can you withdraw this decision? Yes. Please.


Ernie Tomlinson
Lantzville, BC

Thu 03 Jan 2008

Mr. Stephane Dion,
Leader of the Official Opposition,


I am OUTRAGED that you have chosen to kill a democratic process underway in the riding of Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River for the Liberal candidate nomination by appointing a candidate. You have spit in the face of the citizens in that riding by denying them their democratic right to CHOOSE their own candidate. You have denied the active candidates their right to a democratic process to be selected for Liberal candidate in the upcoming by-election. Your action signals to me that you do not truly believe in nor support democracy in the Liberal Party, nor in Canada.

I am OUTRAGED that you have undercut David Orchard's run for the nomination which you encouraged him to undertake. I am OUTRAGED that you have double crossed the man who helped you win the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. In doing so you have also betrayed me. I am OUTRAGED that you made your decision without consultation with Mr. Orchard and not even so much as a courtesy call to him. Shame on you, Mr. Dion.

I voted for you for leader of the party because David Orchard supported your bid for leadership and because of your standing on environmental, economic, and sovereignty issues important to me. I have been a supporter of Mr. Orchard for more than 20 years. I believe very strongly in his vision for Canada. He has always demonstrated the utmost integrity and honesty in his dealings with all people and issues. Unfortunately that cannot be said of some prominent politicians in Canada, past and present.

I expected you to usher in a new beginning in the Liberal Party, a return to genuine grass roots participation, a turning away from rule by the powerful, back room elites. You buckled to their pressure. That is not the leadership I hoped from you.

If your decision to appoint a candidate for Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River stands, I will not be voting Liberal in the next federal election and I am certain that many others who believe in democracy or who support David Orchard will feel the same. I will cancel my membership in the Liberal Party. Clearly it cannot represent my views at the same time as it actively undermines democratic process and shows callous disrespect for a member whose vision, values, and views I strongly support.

Think again about the potential consequences of your decision and how you expect support from people whom you have mocked.

Doug Porter
Burnaby BC


3 January, 2008

Letter to Liberal MP Keith Martin, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca (Victoria, B.C.)

Dear Dr. Martin,

I joined the liberal party solely at the behest of David Orchard in order to vote for the nomination of Stephane Dion as leader, as did many others of Mr Orchard's supporters. I understood that, with Mr Dion's blessing, Mr Orchard was running as the Party's candidate in the riding of Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River in the upcoming federal by-election.

However, I have just been made aware of the following: (quote) OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion today announced that Joan Beatty, former Saskatchewan NDP cabinet minister and Aboriginal activist, will be the Party's candidate in the riding of Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River in the upcoming federal by-election.

I would like Mr Dion to know that Mr Orchard should not be betrayed again out of any political expediency or for any reason whatever. People of David Orchard's integrity and ability must not be shut out. Such people must have a voice. Indeed I would like Mr Dion to properly reciprocate the the support he received from Orchard's people at the time of the leadership convention.


John Nesling
Victoria, B.C.


3 January, 2008

Mr. Dion I cannot believe what I am hearing that you would actually block David Orchard from running in the bi-election in Desnethé Missinippi-Churchill River and nominating a candidate!!!

David mobilized Canada to help get you elected as leader of the Liberals. I was hoping that with you we would no longer see a party that was same old, same old. Mr. Harper did not win that election, the Liberals lost it. With you we were all hoping for a party reborn from the ashes. It appears not to be the case and I really cannot express how disappointed I am.

Mr. Dion when I met you earlier last year at the BBQ in West Saanich on Vancouver Island I was really impressed in you as a person of integrity and intelligence.

Please reconsider for the sake of the Liberal Party of Canada and all our sakes.

Diana Brynlee
Duncan, BC

It should be noted that the individuals writing these letters have asked me to post them to this blog. I do so in hopes that we realize the scope of the whole story and not just that of what we may or may not read in the days to come in the MSM.


Lizt. said...

I am stunned with his action by Dion, although the liberal Party has it in their comstitution to appoint beople, I do not sgree with it. Ralph Goodale was behind this, but Mr Dion should have had a nomination, to be fair., regardless of what Mr. Goodale thought.
I am a good Liberal and I do not like this at all. Dion will lose because of this,I am sure, which the country cannot afford. Dion should do the correct thing and find Dsvid a good seat to run in ASAP !!

Dennis (Second Thots) said...

You claimed that Orchard was taking the high road. Funny, but I don't recall Orchard remaining silent on the numerous occasions he felt snubbed by Conservatives.

I think Orchard's silence is rather conspicuous. It makes me wonder if he made some kind of a deal with Dion.

It always seems thus when people turn Liberal, don't it?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

James Curran said...

Why would he have sat silent? I know I wouldn't have!!!

His party was sold out to the Alliance by Peter MacKay. With a written agreement signed by MacKay that MacKay pledged not to merge with the Alliance, David certainly had reason not to sit in silence.

Similarly, I am not sitting in silence over the appointment of a candidate when memberships have been sold by two viable candidates in a riding. I do not agree with said policy.

Dennis (Second Thots) said...

You're not remaining silent but, for the moment, he is. And the question is: Why? And the second question is: Will it last?

All I'm doing is asking for some consistency from Orchard. We'll see if we get it and, if we don't, why.

Dan McKenzie said...

I think more than silence is required of Mr.Orchard. If his organization is the the best one in the entire country... then he should just get behind the candidate. People won't forget about that.

Matt Guerin said...

Thus far Mr. Orchard's response has been very, very honourable and admirable. It can't have been easy for him. He has grown his fan base if he sticks to the high road. I'm hopeful that he runs for the Liberals in some other riding in the next federal election. I do suspect Mr. Dion sees the great value of having Mr. Orchard being a part of the next Liberal caucus.

Dennis (Second Thots) said...

So then he wasn't being honourable and admirable when he yelled and screamed on numerous occasions after various Conservative incidents, right?

It seems that consistency gets tossed right out the window as soon as someone becomes a Liberal.

I wonder why that is.

James Curran said...

Yes. We didn't take a whole entire national party away from him and thousands of others ans give it to Citizen Harper.

Dennis (Second Thots) said...

I didn't realize he owned a national party. The members essentially owned it, and they decided to: a) merge; b) select Harper as leader.

Don't get me wrong. I thought what MacKay did was absolutely wrong. I'm not a big fan of MacKay. Never was.

However, if that act was outrageous, why isn't this one outrageous? And why isn't Orchard speaking out about it?

It's quite a simple question, actually.

It just seems as though people throw principles out the door when they become Liberal. We'll see if that holds true for Mr. Orchard.

James Curran said...

Well. I'll try this again.


For the party he stepped aside for Mackay and in return MacKay sold out an entire party with thousands of followers and a long long history.

Can you SEE the difference here. The Liberal Party still exists. Always will. David was just slapped personally and thousands of us will still be Liberal tomorrow.

Dennis (Second Thots) said...

David was slapped personally by MacKay, too, since the PC membership voted for merger.

Your point here is irrelevant.

It seems you're engaging in typical Liberal tactics.

Orchard's behaviour changes because he's now a Liberal.

Thank you. I guess you've now answered my question.

James Curran said...

Okaaaay Menace

The Alliance Members bought memberships to the PC Party like they were going out of style so as to control the merger. The vote should have been cast by existing PC members only.

And...the point of THIS campaign is that there should have been an open nomination!!! That was lost in your uncalled for detestation of a Good and Honest Canadian.

Who in this campaign even ever brought up a merger question? NOOOOOOOOOOObody!

bhenry_ed said...

Is it true Orchard will now run as an independent?
Or will he try for the NDP nomination first?