Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Aboriginal Leader Backs David Orchard

Today this article appeared in the StarPhoenix.

Appointment of Beatty would send bad message

The StarPhoenix

Thursday, January 03, 2008

As former president of the Churchill River riding, as it was then called, I believe the intended appointment of Cumberland NDP MLA Joan Beatty to be the Liberal candidate for the federal Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River riding isn't right or fair to other candidates or constituents.

My understanding is that Ralph Goodale is considering endorsing the appointment, soon to be made by Liberal Party Leader Stephen Dion.

If the appointment goes ahead without the people in the constituency having any say, it would be a slap in the face to the constituents. It would suggest that constituents are not capable of electing their own representative and that the selection has to be made for them by the top Liberal leader.

This would be disgraceful.

We can't let tyranny overstep or overpower democracy and the freedom to elect our representatives. If Dion appoints Beatty, the Liberal party should consider whether its current supporters will be there to back it in the next federal election.

It's definitely Beatty's choice whether she crosses over to a federal Party, whether it's the Liberal party or the NDP. But whether her provincial faithful supporters cross over with her to the federal level remains to be seen.

Roy Head

Red Earth First Nation

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Maudie Bones said...

James, recently I read a report that John Dorion, who is also contesting the Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River seat, went on holiday saying he thinks his appointment as the Liberal candidate is "in the bag."
I also read another report that stated Dorion is a First Nations chief. So I'm hoping you can throw some light on how likely it is that Dorion will be appointed instead of Beatty, and how appropriate would this be? Would he stand a good chance of being elected?

James Curran said...

Here's what I know so far about Mr. Dorion.

John Dorion, of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, is a private consultant who has worked extensively in the areas of education, intergovernmental and Aboriginal affairs. He obtained his B.Ed from the University of Saskatchewan in 1978 and has held various positions with the Gabriel Dumont Institute in Regina and Prince Albert. Mr. Dorion has devoted his career to working for the betterment of First Nations and M├ętis people and promoting aboriginal aspirations.

Mr. Dorion has been appointed to the National Parole Board on a partime basis.

It is my understanding that Mr. Dorion will not be appointed. He would have to fight a nomination. The only appointment possible was to be Ms. Beatty. At whose urging, I have no idea.

She is an elected Dipper. The Dippers finished a distant (6500 votes) third in this riding last election.

The campaign on this blog is for an open, democratic nomination for all who want to run in this riding and to let the people of Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River tell us who they want as a candidate. We will all support the candidate of the riding's choice when selected...even David should it not be him.