Saturday, December 15, 2007

Harper Toast in the New Year

Another short session in the House has come to an end. So too has the second year of this Stale Conservative government's mandate. The New Year will spell the end of Harper and his cronies and their lack of governing ability.

It's quite clear that Stevie Harpo has lost his sense of control over all things political. The Mulroney debacle is making life very different for his right honourable dictatorness. And if any of you think this Schreibergate thing isn't going to affect the Conservative Party and that Canadians are tuning out, you'd be sadly mistaken.

Not to mention the fact that this government has done nothing in two years of their mandate to address global warming. Mr. Baird have embarrassed this country beyond belief this week. When has Canada ever been referred to a "minion of the US" in the past?

The end of the month will also mark the beginning of the Liberal climb in the polls.
You see Mr. Harper has to call a by-election (or two, or three, or four) for Toronto Centre. I can assure you Mr. Rae is quite ready to take his spot in the House.

I can also tell you, my friends that the Liberal Party will make up for all that shitty press they received in the Outremont debacle by soundly crushing the NDP and the CONS in Toronto Centre and Willowdale. Harper's only chance to stay in front in the polls would be to have these by-elections occur as part of a general election. If he can't achieve that, the Liberals ride sweet, huge victories into a general election.

And, of course, the Mulroney fiasco will be perpetuated as the public inquiry will be spelled out in January. The Liberals will be blessed with an election win right in the middle of that inquiry a la the same strategy as the Conswervatives used during the ADSCAM/Gomery farce. All the links will be established by then between the current government and the Mulroney government. McKay, Bernier, Nicholson to name three.

Anywho, we here in the Liberal Party have some good reasons to ring in the new year in a loud and celebratory fashion.


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