Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bad News for Niagara NDPers

One of Niagara's favourite daughters has been named Deputy Leader of the Provincial Green Party. Miss Mullen gained the Greenies 11.4% of the vote here in Niagara during the recent provincial election, eclipsing the NDP candidate by more than 2000 votes.

With Miss Mullen's new appointment, the NDP will be hard-pressed to find a candidate to battle her here for third place. Mullen hasn't decided if she'll run in the next federal election. The NDP certainly hopes not.

Melanie recently attended the environmental conference in Bali where Conswervative Minister John Baird embarrassed our country like no other ever has.


Blogging Horse said...

Ummmm. The corelation between the Ontario Greens getting a new deputy leader and the fate of the NDP is totally missing from your post.

And more curious: why does a Liberal blogger care to boost the Greens? Could it be that the Liberals are trying to lure NDP voters to the Greens? If so, it's not working.

In the Ontario election, both the NDP and the Greens saw their total vote go up (though the Verts failed to get a seat). Bad news: the NDP and Greens aren't fishing from the same pond.

Greg said...

I'm confused. Is this good news for Liberals?

James Curran said...

dead mule,

I guess you missed the corelation between the Green kicking the ass of the NDP in Niagara Falls as long as Melanie is involved and the NDP finishing fourth in the riding from here on out. Thus ending the NDPs journey in Niagara Falls. That's what this post is about.

AS for you Greg. I can't explain your confusion. This post is about the death of the NDP in my riding. Dipper bloggers enjoy posting on Liberal failures, and I am enjoying exhaulting in the Green supplanting the Orange.