Thursday, October 18, 2007

Harper's "Clean" Government

Let's examine the evidence.

Exhibit #1

Bev Oda takes a limo ride for $5475. Cheap and "Clean".

Exhibit #2

Jean-Pierre Blackburn takes a little charter flight for $41,000 bucks. Then Mr. Blackburn forgets to disclose 17 of his 25 charter flights. Again, cheap AND "CLEAN"

Exhibit #3

Creative fundraising scheme gets Conservatives in huge hot water with Elections Canada. Illegal transfers of over $1 million to and from the National Conservative Party and 67 ridings. OOOOOOOOH! That's maybe not so "CLEAN"

Exhibit #4

Let's spend some taxpayer dollars ($2 Million worth) on a new "state controlled" media centre. Let's do it "secretly" too. Shoe polish needed to make this move "CLEAN".

Ever notice the incredible weight gain on SH and JK? Bet they're eating well too. Probably on really fancy "clean" white table cloths.

Tomorrow I'll give a little insight on Harper's "Accountable" Government.


Canajun said...

Don't forget #5 - allegations of influencing Ottawa's recent municipal elections. Actually this may be 2 items - Baird pulling Treasury Board approval for Chiarelli's light rail project just before the election and the Cons alleged involvement in the whole Kilrea thing.
What is really most astounding about all of this though is the media's apparent reluctance to really dig into any of these issues and raise their profile with the public. Instead we get Harper & co. standing there telling us how lilly-white they all are and the media just laps it up. Where are the investigative journalists?

Walks With Coffee said...

I'm relieved that EC has taken up my complaint on this matter. Maybe more so, I'm heartened that the blogosphere has finally figured out what is going on. During disclosure for federal court all manner of ills will be revealed. It's been "lonely" for the past 3 years whilst waiting for EC and the blogosphere to get up to date. Now, we have to push the MSM to get with the facts.

PS: Harper's team also paid off other candidates to step aside. The Ottawa case is not the only one.