Monday, October 1, 2007

Aren't We There to Get Rid of the Taliban???

....and free women?....and educate children?...and rebuild a country torn apart by the Taliban?...and, and, and the Taliban?....and the TALIBAN?

So, what does Karzai wanna do? Put the Taliban in government. Remind me about all that progress the Conservatives keep telling us about. This "Stale" Conservative government continues to get the message wrong on Afghanistan.

They appear to be completely blind about what is REALLY going on in that country. Instead, they're busy writing speeches for its puppet figurehead. Now we're going to be a leader at the UN in asking for a special envoy to be sent to Afghanistan. That and a buck thirty-five will get you a coffee.

Best quote of the day:
Karzai has been trying to lure Taliban insurgents into a peace settlement, even offering them government posts

What an absolute joke. As I've said a gazillion times already: "Get our young men and women the hell out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Herbinator said...

I concur.

The Mound of Sound said...

Karzai doesn't have a choice. With warlords like Dostum, Hekmaytar and Gul Agha beginning to stir, he's got to find some way of reconciling these vicious thugs or, as Gwynne Dyer puts it, Karzai risks becoming an ornament dangling from a light post on a Kabul street.

I don't understand our fetish about secular democracy in these places. When the people freely exercise their franchise they support Islamist parties. We don't like their choices so we simply ignore them and support our stooges, like Fatah.

In any case, Afghanistan has too many ethnic chasms to expect democracy to take hold in the immediate future. Pashtun, Baloch, Hazara, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen - each with its own agenda and ready to spill others' blood to advance it. Toss Pakistan and Iran into the mix, top with a sprinkling of drug lords, and you've got a little shop of horrors.