Monday, September 10, 2007

Afghanistan Ambassador "Warns" Canada

Samad warns that if the international community ends its assistance to Afghanistan too quickly, the country will once again become a failed nation ruled by war lords, drug dealers and international terrorists.

Yep that's what he said. Aren't there war lords, drug dealers and international terrorists there now? Still? After six years of us being there? How long is "too quickly"? 10 years? 20? 50?

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Tim Webster said...

Harper and the Conservatives are fundamentally failing at peace keeping in Afghanistan, because they have not even attempted the long term and final goal required for peace which is 'good governance'. This is why Harper should not be given a mandate to stay in Afghanistan. I believe we should attempt bring peace to Afghanistan, but not under Harper.

This is Canada's own guides for peace keeping.

When a state 'fails' and becomes a threat to the stability of its neighbours, the Canadian government may choose to  intervene. Any such intervention will have diverse goals – to be accomplished within differing time - frames:

• Short - term operations will focus on stabilization and protection of civilians.

• Medium – term: projects will include rebuilding basic infrastructure – water, sewage, and transportation.

• Long - term goals involve the establishment of 'good governance', trustworthy security forces, and an independent judiciary.

These there objectives do not occur sequential, but simultaneously where long term and final goal takes longer to complete. Good governance requires fighting corruption and sources of corruption.