Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ignatieff Fights for Dion's Spot?

Or so Don MacPherson would have us believe.

I have no idea what Donny boy is trying to say in this article or what his motivation would have been to write such a heap of shit. My Grade Four honour student could write a better piece than that...and she could! Maybe he's just friends with Bourque and he knew he'd get one of the Bourque Conservative Headliners.


Red Tory said...

Some were bound to read the article with that in mind and then frame it accordingly. No big surprise. There's nothing to substantiate it, but there's nothing to deny it either. It's pure speculation, but not altogether without reason.

rob said...

Kind of a strange move by Ignatieff. Of course the article would be interpreted in the way that this journalist interpreted it. Certainly nothing about Ignatieff's Times article seems to benefit the party, though it seems like it was meant to benefit the individual who wrote it.