Thursday, August 16, 2007

Giuliani Ridded New York of Them

I wasn't surprised to learn of this.

When Rudi was Mayor of New York, he made a pledge to get rid of panhandlers and squeegee people. Oddly enough, he had the police charge them for things such as jay-walking. Turns out a high percentage had criminal records or outstanding this case, illegal citizenship.

I've been saying for years now that Toronto's Mayor might want to think of an action plan for his great city. Maybe one day it may happen. Maybe then we don't lose 32 year olds in a stabbing incident.

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A BCer in Toronto said...

Where would they go though James? Those that aren't illegal immigrants (and it takes years to deport someone anyway) and that don't have outstanding warrants, they're not going to be jailed for jaywalking. They'd be fined, and what's the point of finning someone that, given that they're a panhandler, have no money? I suppose if they don't pay the fine you could jail them, but you're going to need to build some bigger jails if we're going to be imprisoning people for jaywalking.

I think a better approach would be to address he root causes here, which would seem to be related to the social program downloading of the Harris era, which has remained un-addressed largely through the McGuinty era.