Thursday, July 12, 2007

Al-Qaeda Ready to Strike U.S. Again?

....and the sky is falling.

I guess invading Iraq, killing Saddam, occupying Afghanistan and winning the hearts and minds and spending trillions of dollars on unwinnable things hasn't accomplished G Dubya's War on Terror goals....whatever they were.

CNN reports it all here.


Woman said...

Actually I would be surprised if they didn't attack the US again. They did it before. Al-Qaeda really doesn't seem any less angry after the whole Iraq invasion thing. Bush's war in Iraq isn't going to stop it though. It's made it all much worse.

They are going broke on Iraq, eroding their potential to keep their own country secure. Peace in the middle east, that is what would be the most helpful for everyone.

Woman said...

While Bush has been piddling around in the wrong country ... things have gone terribly wrong back in Afghanistan.