Tuesday, July 3, 2007

$30 Million to Afghanistan

What a fabulous idea. Help a government overhaul their legal system. I'm sure western law will help with the religious fanatical right. I'm sure it will also deter the general population from growing and exporting poppies.

Maybe train the cops to arrest people first, then overhaul the justice system. Who are we to impose our version - or anyone elses for that matter - on Afghanistan. Better yet, maybe get rid of the Taliban first, since they are the real justice system in Afghanistan.

Sometimes you have to just stop throwing good money after bad. $30 million could have got a couple homeless people off the subway grates in Toronto.


Jay said...

I fail to see how this will help.

They are fundamentalists and will not respect any laws put on them by government.

Much like how evangelicals here in Canada and US don't respect our laws.

30 million would be better spent on deprogramming the people and secular education. Then they could spend another 30 million in Afghanistan if it works here at home.

Peter Loewen said...

I can see how it will help. Provided we can help bring more order to Afghanistan, as has been done in much of the country, it will be desirable to have a ready justice system which can then operate.

It's shortsighted to say "We don't have order there right now, so we shouldn't plan for tomorrow."

This just seems like a bit of a cheap criticism, especially since it's the kind of development work which so many are saying needs to be undertaken to balance out our military involvement,

James Curran said...

Hey Peter,

How about if we overhaul our own justice system first.

How about $30 million for our own system to hire some more judges, justices and crowns. Maybe then average Canadians won't have to spend 7 or 8 years in custody battles.

Maybe then average Canadians can be tried in less then 3 years because of senseless court proceedings. Yes, let's spend $30 million where justice needs to be served...here in Canada.

Maybe then there can be clearcut time constraints on when the accused can expect to have disclosure from the Crown.

Maybe then we can be serious here at home about our terrorism laws, our no-fly laws, our gun control laws, our child advocacy laws and our human rights laws.

$30 million might hire a few new people here in the Canadian Justice system that might be useful.

Until we stop the growth of poppies, the exporting of poppies and the growth of the Taliban, there will never be a justice system worth a pinch of coonshit in Afghanistan.

Just look at the great "hearts and minds" job the U.S is doing in Iraq. They've help overhaul that justice system too.

Again, I know nothing.

Liberal 4evr said...

Lets not forget that most of the government and justice system over there are war criminals under the geneva convention or the worlds court, drug dealers, war lords and their followers....now they have 30 million more to strenghten their position....what was he said on Canada day...Canada is back? back to the mulroney years maybe...I say lets build schools and offer a diferent way to run they affairs, but give these warlords money???? sounds like someone is looking for votes in all the wrong places...washington maybe?