Friday, June 1, 2007

The Sleeping Giant?????

Are you serious? Refresh my memory, what is the population of Thunder Bay-Atikokan again?

Current Top 7 Wonders:

1. Sleeping Giant: 155540
2. Niagara Falls: 76036
3. Bay of Fundy: 63798
4. Nahanni National Park: 58719
5. Northern Lights: 57124
6. The Rockies: 51556
7. Cabot Trail: 41417

Just how many times did James Bowie Vote?

14 Million tourists a year come to Niagara. Next to Vegas, Niagara hosts the most amount of newlyweds. We are already one of the Seven Natural Wonders. Now, I've been to the ain't no Niagara and it ain't no Northern Lights either.

I love Thunder Bay as much as the next guy and eating breakfast at the Hoito, but really?

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